Our Approach

At Netcompany-Intrasoft, our people are the main driving force behind all of our success. Our people lead us towards growth with their unique and inspiring skills and ideas. That is why we strive to create an environment that helps them evolve and grow into their potential.

We strongly believe that to have a skilled and capable workforce for today and the future, we must invest in our people at all stages of their careers. We want to ensure that our 2,200+ employees are prepared and empowered to face changes in technology, and we strive to foster innovation and progress across operations by helping our people reach their full potential.

We invest in talent development, promoting a robust and systematic approach for everyone. Our people are encouraged to take multiple approaches to expand their experience and networks, including leadership programmes, personal development activities, colleague networks, continuous education.


Keep Learning, Keep Evolving our People

At Netcompany-Intrasoft we have established a continuous learning culture where learning happens for everyone, every day.

Our learning policy supports this culture of Learn & Evolve as it secures a minimum learning time for all employees: minimum 15-20 minutes/ day. The policy applies to Luxembourg, Belgium, Greece, Romania, Denmark, East Africa and South Africa. From the very start, during the onboarding process all employees are fully informed about our learning policy and all supporting content is available through our intranet portal.

Technology-supported learning has disrupted the way we design and deliver learning within the Company. We use the SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management cloud solution integrated with UdemyBusiness to provide all our people with an infinite amount of learning opportunities (more than 5,000 online courses). These courses range from a variety of technology stacks to business and soft skills. Our new digital learning model based on microlearning empowers all employees to take ownership of how they approach their development.

In parallel, besides on demand learning from different massive open online course providers, the Company provides content catered to every single employee’s needs and learning styles by utilising diverse learning delivery methods. We blend and customise learning! Our blend includes instructor-led trainings, webinars, e-learning programmes and workshops. In addition, we encourage our people to certify their knowledge by providing relevant learning content that leads to certifications. Moreover, we have established a certification reimbursement programme. This is an award programme to support employees’ self-paced learning that leads to successful accreditation or certificates by refunding examination fees.

Our learning and development (L&D) strategy ensures that our people build deep know-how and expertise. Simultaneously, as we have cultivated a knowledge sharing culture, our tech experts design and deliver internal programmes in cutting-edge technologies and fields such as React js and DevOps that contribute to the growth and development of our people.


Learning with Excellence is our Priority

Our L&D management cycle adapts continuously to meet the changing needs of our Company and the growing levels of investment in the development of our employees.

For us, learning with excellence is a priority. In this context, our Company’s learning cycle is certified with ISO 29993:2017 to ensure the alignment of learning initiatives with our strategic priorities and the quality of our services. Moreover, a significant component in maintaining top quality in learning activities is to receive continuous feedback. This process is carried out both after and six months following the completion of each learning activity by completing a new assessment survey. This assessment survey aims to determine the effectiveness of the learning activities and how the knowledge gained is applied to daily work life. These assessments provide valuable insights for optimising future learning activities.




“Welead” Leadership Development Academy

One of our main objectives is to prepare our next generation of leaders. Since 2019, we have been implementing WeLead, an innovative Leadership Academy aiming to establish a unified leadership mindset across our Company and to further enhance cohesion and collaboration among people leaders. Since then, We- Lead has been running successfully at all our locations, progressively integrating the entire leadership pipeline.

In 2021, WeLead was awarded the prestigious Platinum Award in the category of Excellent Leadership Development in the HR field in Greece.

The Academy focuses on the challenges business leaders face and the innovative ways to overcome them. It is a unique, customised programme based on the needs and input of both the participants and our business strategy. The curriculum provides our leaders with all the necessary tools to develop and enhance leadership key competences, such as building and leading high-performing teams, situational leadership, resilience and well-being, creative problem-solving, change leadership, decision-making and handling difficult situations.

WeLead Leadership Academy, and more specifically the Leadership Accelerator pathway, has a 3-year horizon plan for each participant. It is currently running successfully in Greece, Luxembourg and Belgium. It provides a blended learning experience by matching diverse learning styles. This programme consists of experiential face-to-face workshops and interactive live webinars, while providing access to a state-of-the art e-learning platform. An integral part of the curriculum is social learning and action learning projects. Action learning projects involve small groups that work on a persistent organisational challenge or significant and untapped business opportunity. The purpose of the action learning projects is to provide an opportunity for leaders to apply their gained knowledge, practice the tools of WeLead, and to propose actions in real life, real teams and in real time, thus building further their leadership capability and promoting a learning organisation. In 2021, the Leadership pathway was enriched with a series of 1-1 coaching conversations that aim to support people leaders in designing a meaningful, realistic development roadmap tailored to their individual needs and our business priorities. These coaching discussions were supported by professional coaches and certified Netcompany-Intrasoft internal coaches.

Moreover, we have expanded the WeLead scope by developing and embedding a brand new pathway called Leadership Foundations. This pathway addresses all first time people leaders, aiming to help them further grow and succeed in their transition as people leaders. The programme develops leadership key competences, from managing individuals to teams, and progressively to managing the business. 


Performance Enablement

To achieve a high-performance culture and ensure transparency and fairness for our people, we implement a comprehensive performance enablement system aligned not only with the Company’s agile transformation journey, but also with our values, since our people are also evaluated based on these elements. This model focuses on empowering employees’ performance, accountability and growth, and on cultivating a culture of continuous feedback.

Performance Review Process

The performance review process is supported by the Success Factors cloud application. The process starts with an employee’s self-evaluation and goal setting. Following this step, managers are responsible for evaluating employees’ performance fairly and accurately. Managers have the option to request feedback from anyone within the Company regarding the performance of their team members. During the performance feedback discussions, managers and employees discuss the previous year’s performance and goal achievement, and agree on the performance goals and personal development plan for the current year.

As part of the performance review process, we follow an innovative learning approach to our existing corporate training. Aiming to embrace a culture of continuous feedback towards excellence, we designed a course to highlight the benefits of the performance enablement system and align employees to work towards a common set of goals. This course guides all team leaders and managers throughout both theoretical concepts and feedback-sharing practical tools. Our employees have the opportunity to build confidence and enhance their management skills through fruitful feedback discussions. 

  • Launch new Agile Academy focusing on scaling up knowledge and skills of our people and catalyse the Agile Transformation Project.
  • Continue investing in leadership development by expanding WeLead to other countries and instilling a coaching culture.
We are proud to announce that both of these goals were successfully achieved in 2021.

Our Performance in 2021









Our targets for 2022 and onwards

Given our successful achievement of the aforementioned L&D goals in 2021, the below targets for 2022 have been set:

  • Target 1: Revamp the onboarding experience of new hires by enhancing it with digital and interactive elements.
  • Target 2: Continue the Leadership Foundation Programme for first-time Leaders that is part of WeLead Leadership Development Programme by integrating new leaders.
  • Target 3: Create internal technical programmes for upskilling our people in specific technological domains
  • Target 4: Create a new onboarding development programme for entry-level talents.
  • Target 5: Maintain and enhance performance review process.