Our approach


We consider our customer needs and overall satisfaction as of our primary drivers, enabling us to deliver disruptive innovative technical solutions. We recognise that the capability to innovate and bring successful innovation to the market is not only a determining factor of our competitiveness, but also of our value creation. Consequently, we at Netcompany-Intrasoft work closely with our customers to co-design new technical solutions and products using key enabling technologies with wide-ranging impacts to both our markets and our activities. One of the most important elements for the creation of high-quality outcomes and project delivery is our process of operating in close collaboration with other company teams, specifically RID, Scope Communications and New Ventures, to integrate technological and business innovation within the Company as part of our overall strategy on innovation. Utilising this method of collaboration enables us to combine the expertise of all our people, engage in knowledge sharing and ensure a high quality of certified services.
We ensure the delivery of applications that are modular, effortless to maintain, easy to enhance, secure and reliable, whilst continuously anticipating and exceeding our customers’ expectations. We deliver our services in such a way as to achieve an increasingly enhanced customer experience, higher employee engagement, and more efficient and effective delivery.
At the heart of our approach to deliver innovation and pragmatic ideas is the development of market-facing solutions developed around our 4 strategic technologies across 13 countries, centred around a sustainable and ethical perspective. Using our highly specialised, professional skills in all the latest technologies, our solutions create value for our customers, supporting them during their digital transformation journey, introducing breakthrough services and new ideas to the market.




We maintain that the consistent and constant improvement and use of digital technology can improve business processes, public policies and, as a result, the quality of people’s lives. We at Netcompany-Intrasoft aim to transform the businesses of our customers and promote sustainable development in every corner of our operations.
We are embracing the global movement of innovation and entrepreneurship, and strategically use it as the disruptive change mechanism for differentiating our products and offerings and penetrating new sustainable markets. We invest in research, development and innovation as a means to build the necessary tools to support and increase our competitiveness, to successfully provide products and services according to emerging market needs, as well as to follow the trends and priorities outlined by the innovation roadmaps defined both at the EU and national levels.
Through our research, development and innovation capabilities, we embrace challenges and launch new campaigns across Europe that produce stellar results. Our in-house digital communication and performance teams continuously solidify their output through a rigorous expansion and growth process. Our business development secures a robust portfolio, giving us the opportunity to deliver projects with improved social and environmental impacts. This creates value for a variety of divergent sectors, including:
• security;
• immigration;
• health/nutrition;
• poverty;
• agriculture/fisheries/environment;
• innovation;
• logistics operations;
• manufacturing;
• green cities;
• transport;
• education;
• digital transformation.


Owing to the ever-increasing necessity for businesses to embrace sustainable development, apparent not only through increasing regulation at the national, European and global level, but additionally through consumer demand, sustainability is at the core of the way in which our Company behaves and performs. We consider issues pertaining to both the environment and society as one of our main drivers for our value creation journey, embedding these dimensions in both our culture and strategic goals. From a project management perspective, the integration of sustainability urges us to pay particular attention, especially with regards to the project selection process. In that regard, we use environmental and social impact criteria to enhance the integration of sustainability aspects across our project offerings. The majority of our projects, therefore, generate positive non-financial, societal and environmental impacts.
Moreover, by leveraging data for companies, public authorities, cities, NGOs and private organisations, we accelerate the progress to achieve the UN SDGs. As a recognised leader in technology and IT solutions, we assist our customers in their journey to reduce their environmental impact, improve their positive contribution to sustainable economic growth, define sustainable business models for transportation and provide flexibility in social security systems.
In 2021, Netcompany-Intrasoft was involved in over 50 innovation projects, contributing to 15 out of the 17 UN SDGs.


Our focus on innovation is aligned with our overall company vision to create value for all. Through applied research, we continuously seek to contribute to activities that go above and beyond our key business sectors by exploiting emerging technologies in new or even existing domains as mentioned above.
innovation chart2


We are involved in a broad range of research and innovation projects, as well as activities aiming to expand Netcompany-Intrasoft’s business areas. We assert that current and future challenges require the engagement of a multitude of disciplines to nurture truly global collaboration. As a result, we embrace a full spectrum of modern research methods to analyse and tackle complex, multidisciplinary problems with the end goal of achieving unprecedented growth.
For more than 20 years, we have been actively participating and contributing to the development of innovative pre-industrial products and services through our participation in EU research programmes. With this vision, we operate within a solutions-oriented research lens, combining academics and non-academics as knowledge partners in networks of active collaboration and problem-solving, thus bringing the results of innovation practices faster to society and markets. Research is conducted by in-house and associate consultants, in conjunction with prestigious universities and research institutions and acclaimed industrial partners that ensure the translation of emerging ICT trends into innovative and exploitable research outcomes.

Investing in the Right Tools to Cultivate an Environment in which People and Innovation Flourish

Engaging with innovation and creativity is the hallmark of our success towards the innovation imperative. Central to this is our people. Our key to success lies in our people who are continuously striving to identify new ways to adopt and practice innovative, breakthrough approaches, mastering new technologies and keeping their transformational mindset receptive to new challenges. We foster innovation and cultivate it as a key organisational value by engaging in targeted inside-out and outside-in initiatives, such as technology incubation groups, hackathons, intrapreneurship (inside-out), start-up investing, collaborations and entrepreneurship (outside-in) that allow our people to thrive and develop their entrepreneurial mindset.
One of the main ways to achieve this is through innovative self-development initiatives and toolsets. In that regard, we facilitate the development of innovative concepts and ideas by offering an ultimate learning experience to our employees through a digital learning platform that provides an infinite amount of educational opportunities that cover a diverse range of learning styles.

Demonstrating the Right Certifications

With a firm focus on quality, and in order to ensure the sustainable creation of value for all, it is significant for us to consistently monitor our policies and procedures to guarantee that we never fail to meet the high standard we promise to deliver. Below is our current list of certifications, a list we seek to expand in the coming years.
  • Quality Management ISO 9001:2015;
  • Information Security ISO 27001:2013;
  • Translations Services ISO 17100:2015;
  • Training Services ISO 29993:2017

Our Performance in 2021



our performance table will be published in more details in report's print version

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Our Targets for 2022 and onwards

In the last few years, the RID Department has identified sustainable development as an emerging market. 2021 was a more prosperous year for projects related to UN SDG goals (i.e. 4, 7, 9, 11, 13) that emerged from increased efforts put forth in the Green Deal call for proposals.

  • Target 1: Through the submission of new funding proposals in 2022, the RID department aims to further explore the Horizon Europe mission areas, especially the ones focusing on adaptation to climate change, energy and sustainable smart cities, and food.