None of us could have predicted what the future would hold when we were building our projections for 2020. But in spite of global shifts, we remained steadfast in our objectives, and we achieved them. Now, at the dawn of 2022 as INTRASOFT International is taking its place in Denmark’s Netcompany Group, I can state with certainty that our future has never looked brighter and more exciting. 

Rebranding as Netcompany-Intrasoft, an immediate goal for the new year, will underscore our commitment to our new home, and also introduce a new player across our operating markets and a number of new ones; a player that is no stranger to EU business, nor to public and private sector clientele. Our transformation is built on solid ground; the same team, the same passion, and a renewed commitment to excellence. The synergies with our new parent company are expected to create a new wave of opportunities through collaboration and value-added initiatives across European markets, both within the European institutions and at national level. 

Furthermore, we intend to place emphasis on our product development business, investing in our customisable offerings in the fields of insurance, banking and health, to name but a few. Of course, we cannot forget our global leadership in the e-customs sector and working together with Netcompany we will open up new markets, exploring the potential of geographies that to this day have remained beyond our reach. 

Our joint work force within the group now exceeds 6,500 highly skilled staff. I am proud to say that in Netcompany we have found an ally as committed to people development as we are. Continuous learning, development, focusing on talent acquisition and retention are just some of the areas we will focus on even more in the short, medium and long term. The aim is to build and constantly develop a global workforce with an agile mindset that can grow each and every year. 

We have set the bar high – and we have done so because we have come to expect nothing less of ourselves over the past 25 years. At this turning point, I believe that we have earned the right to go boldly into the future energised by our past, but we are also humble in our eagerness to learn more, understand better the needs of our clients, consult with them and guide them. 

Growing as a company must and does come hand in hand with growing the positive impact we have in our society. We aim to become a sustainable technology partner of choice, improving citizens’ lives through digitisation, protecting our people’s well-being and work-life balance, and committing to our environmental and educational pillars. 

As our plans unfold across 2022 and beyond, it brings me great joy to share our new endeavours with you, our stakeholders. The next phase of our journey will be the most fulfilling one. 

Alexandros Manos