Banking and Finance

Under Netcompany-Intrasoft’s trade enablement industry, Banking and Finance continued its course of international promotion of banking solutions and with the delivery of activities. Also, PROFITS® Core Banking System continued along the path of evolution in accordance with the PROFITS ® Road Map.
Overall, Banking and Finance expanded its sales activities in the area of Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs) by successfully promoting its relevant PROFITS® Packaged Solution for EMIs.
In addition, we continued to deliver stateof- the-art services in Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), not only to Financial Institutions, but also to large private sector organisations. The EPM solution includes strategy management, planning & budgeting, financial management & close and profitability & cost management.


For 2021, the following are highlighted:

In 2021, a new deal was signed for the provision of our DX4B (Digital Experience for Banking) which based on PROFITS Core Banking System is a modern, future proof, cloud-based banking and finance solution, utilizing the revolutionary banking interoperability standard framework of BIAN that standardizes and simplifies the overall banking architecture. The solution, as a packaged solution for EMIs, will cover the electronic channels for individual and corporate clients of the EMI as well as its overall payment services including PSD2. Payments will be routed to various clearing houses and payment aggregators such as the Central Bank of Lithuania, which offers a Fintech hub for SEPA Payments, Clear Bank in UK for UK payments schemes (Faster Payments, CHAPS and BACS), Banking Circle, SWIFT Alliance and others.
  • Stima DT Savings and Credit Cooperative Society Limited, Kenya
The promotion of our PROFITS® Packaged Solution for Sacco in East Africa region continued successfully with a new deal with Stima DT Savings and Credit Cooperative Society Limited (Stima DT Sacco) in Kenya. Sacco has signed a contract for the provision of the solution, its Implementation and the provision of Support and Maintenance Services. The implementation of the system commenced in the third quarter of 2021 and its live operation is scheduled for 2022.
  • Cepal Hellas, Greece

GALAXY, a major new portfolio of Cepal Holding, which has an estimated €11 billion exposures (450,000 non-performing loans) was migrated to our installed PROFITS® Packaged solution for Credit Management Servicers (NPLs). In 2021, we also provided maintenance and support services to Cepal as well as a significant number of additional functionalities. Indicatively, these include the integration to AroTron of Relational S.A., several enhanced restructuring cases, bond loans, and documents printing using barcoding.

  • Cosmote Payments EMI, Greece
In 2021, we delivered an additional managed e-Money service that is fully compliant with the requirements of the organisation. In cooperation with SIA, we designed a turnkey managed service that covers the following key functional areas:
  1. Issuance of electronic money (eMoney).
  2. Redeem the monetary value of the electronic money.
  3. Cash to be placed on a payment account.
  4. Performance of payment transactions.
  5. Acceptance of payment transactions.
  6. Bill payment Services.
  7. Card Acquiring Services.
The whole solution provided by Netcompany- Intrasoft is currently in live Pilot Production Operation. Its full production operation is planned to commence within 2022.
  • PQH, Greece
Continuation of maintenance and support services provision of the solution for the settlement of debt portfolio collections based on relevant PROFITS® modules.
  • PanCreta, Greece
During 2021, in addition to the provision of maintenance and support services on PROFITS ® Core Banking system, we implemented significant functionalities to assist bank operations, such as SCT Online Payments and Bond Loans.
  • Eurobank, Greece and Abroad
We continued the maintenance and support service provision to Eurobank Group (Greece and abroad) on Cortex EFT Payments Switch and Card Management System (both products of FIS), while also providing several additional functionalities.
  • National Bank of Greece (NBG) and Piraeus Bank, Greece
We continued to provide maintenance and support services for Oracle Hyperion Financial Management and Planning respectively and implemented new functionalities. NBG and Piraeus are the largest banks in Greece.
  • Hellenic Petroleum, Greece
We secured a new deal with Hellenic Petroleum, entrusting us for their transition to EPM Cloud for both Financial Consolidation & Budgeting and Planning solutions.
  • Thenamaris, Greece
We signed a new deal with Thenamaris, entrusting us to provide support and maintenance services on both Oracle Hyperion Financial Management and Oracle Hyperion Planning. Thenamaris is one of the largest shipping organisations in Greece.
  • Frigoglass, Greece
We reached a new deal with Frigoglass, selecting us for their Hyperion Financial Management support and maintenance services. Frigoglass is one of the global leaders in the Ice Cold Merchandiser (ICM) market and the principal supplier of glass packaging in the high-growth markets of West Africa.
  • Kenya Police SACCO (KPS), and Mwalimu National SACCO (MNS), Kenya
We continued the provision of maintenance and support services of our PROFITS® Packaged Solution for SACCOs for both of these Tier 1 Saccos in Kenya.
  • National Financial Switch of Zambia (ZECHL)
We continued the provision of maintenance and support services for the implementation that was based on the IST Payments Switch of FIS Global. The system was also enhanced with e Money transactions switching and other new functionalities.
  • Centenary Bank, Uganda
We continued the provision of maintenance and support services of PROFITS® Core Banking System. In 2021, new implementations were delivered adding value to the bank’s operations. Indicatively, these new implementations included the Agency Banking services, enhanced functionality for operating loans via mobile phones, integration with the bank’s new electronic trading system, and a new PROFITS® Treasury Module.
  • HF Group, Kenya, Mwalimu Bank, Tanzania, Piraeus Bank, Germany
We continued the provision of maintenance and support services for PROFITS® Core Banking System, along with the implementation of new functionalities.
  • Zambia National Building Society (ZNBS), Zambia
The new PROFITS® Electronic Channel “e-branch” (Web UI) was successfully installed at the bank’s branches substituting the earlier Graphical User Interface (GUI). Furthermore, the provision of maintenance and support services for PROFITS® Core Banking System was continued, along with the implementation of new functionalities.
New developments that further enhance the capabilities of PROFITS® Core Banking System
The below developments on PROFITS® were released in accordance with the Products Road Map:
  • Packaging of WALLET Functionality: Account Management, Collections Management, AML Integration, ATM incorporation and additional Services
  • Packaging of NPL Functionality: Complete Loans Management, Restructuring Management, Document Production and additional services
  • Packaging of SACCO Functionality: Member Management, Mass Files Processing, Dividends, Instant Gateway Ser vices and additional services
  • Porting of PROFITS Core to Linux/Oracle & Linux/DB2 environments
  • SWIFT MX Standard
  • New Collections Module
  • GDPR Compliance
  • New Modules for Syndicated and Group Loans
International Business Development:
We are currently evaluating a significant number of core banking proposals for commercial banks, EMIs, NPLs and SACCOs in both Europe and Africa.

SW & Product Development

Consistent with the rest of the Enterprise Technologies departments, we experienced strong growth during 2021. A key accomplishment was the expansion of our customer base, solutions portfolio, partnerships and reach. We further solidified our ascending course in the Greek market and expanded our business base in Cyprus and further into Europe. We enriched our portfolio by adding product development services for Ermis and Perseus solutions.

Our main achievements for 2021 were the following:

  • Expanded the volume of our business, and increased revenue in the existing customer contracts.
  • Further expanded our software development capabilities through the provision of services for the continuous integration and development methodologies which greatly enhance our agile approach.

Successfully completed major projects:

  • Public, eCommerce Portal: Launched the new eCommerce and marketplace site for, a major retailer in Greece and member of the Olympia Group.
  • NBG, Flexible Capacity: Provided consulting and implementation services under a flexible capacity model for the larger Greek bank. NBG – Internal support applications: Implemented two internal support applications. The first is an internal web application for the branch bonus scheme. The second is a CRM module for the business section organisation chart.
  • NBG, Automation test for IB: Implemented the testing automation suite and scenarios for quality assurance of Internet Banking web application.
  • MR Health Tech, Product development services: Developed core module for Med- NeXt+ policy administration product, specialised on health insurance, on behalf of Munich Re Health Tech.
  • VODAFONE Greece, Digital DXL: Provided application development services on Vodafone Digital Experience Layer (DXL), launching various BSS & Digital projects (Sim swap, e-sim, Device Instalments, etc.).
  • VODAFONE Group, App Framework Development: Provided design, development & QA services for the implementation and delivery of a Low Code Platform and Framework used by the VODAFONE Group to support the development of new Digital retail and online apps delivered globally.
  • VODAFONE, Onboarding: Implemented two digital customer onboarding journeys to support customer authentication and new customers acquisition digitally.
  • VODAFONE, Document Management System: Introduced and implemented a new document management system. The purpose is to become the new centralised DMS for the whole of Vodafone Greece.
  • Intralot International LTD, Sportsbook Mobile App: Implemented the sportsbook mobile application in iOS and Android in the context of ODS project – Intralot’s customer in Germany
  • Intralot Adriatic, Sportsbook Mobile App: Implemented the sportsbook mobile application in iOS and Android for Intralot’s subsidiary in Croatia.

Awarded major new projects, such as:

  • MR Health Tech, Product development services: Provided software development services to cover additional product modules of MedNext+.
  • OPAP: New project awarded for the implementation of the automation testing suite for Lottery terminals, web and mobile applications.
  • NBG, National Bank of Greece: New project awarded for the implementation of the automated test framework and suite for the new core banking system of NBG.
  • Intralot US: New project awarded for the implementation of the new sportsbook mobile application in iOS and Android based on new UI/UX designs.
  • COSMOTE, ePOS & Siebel mobile decommissioning transformation: A new contract for implementing various microservices for decommissioning legacy Cosmote systems and transfer functionality to new microservices technologies. Functionalities transferred include Subsidy rules management, Stock management, IMEI & SIM management
  • COSMOTE Payments: Designed, developed, and delivered the Cosmote Payments vPOS orchestration project. Designed, developed, and delivered new major features for Cosmote Payments within the scope of e-money middleware solution, namely services for credit card issuing and management.
  • eCommBX Digital Banking: Implementation and delivery of Internet Digital Banking for eCommBX – large EMI based in Cyprus. The Digital Channels will support bank retail & corporate customer, delivering a fresh and immersive user experience while digitalising all customer engaging operations.
  • VODAFONE Group, Guided Selling: A new multitenant platform (provisioned as “Telco as a Service” model by the VODAFONE Group) that integrates with VODAFONE’s local OpCos public sites and provides an intuitive & smart guided selling journey to VF end-customers. The web application helps end-customers to select plans and handsets based on their preferences/habits and proceed with their purchasing via the OpCos e shop.
  • VODAFONE Greece, Hunters App: Introduce a new mobile (Android) application that will be used by VF partners on the field for new customers “hunting”. Automate the process for new mobile activation orders between Hunters App directly to the Mobile CRM by incorporating smart OCR mechanism & digital signature.
  • VODAFONE Greece, SR Management for Corporate Customers: Introduce new journeys that will allow VODAFONE corporate customers to manage their service requests through the existing VODAFONE Web Application.
  • Alpha Bank Romania, Digital Onboarding: Contract awarded for implementing the first digital onboarding journey. Various integrations will allow bank’s customers to create an account online.

Consulting & System Integration

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we experienced strong growth in 2021. We expanded our customer base, solutions portfolio, partnerships, and reach. We further reinforced our position in the Greek market and expanded our customer base in Cyprus. We also managed to raise awareness about our solutions and capabilities of prospective customers in Greece and abroad.

Main achievements for 2021

  • Successfully delivered the first worldwide cloud native installation of the Oracle BRM real-time charging billing platform. The deployment was carried out for Cyprus-based Cablenet Communication Systems Ltd. The solution enables the company to quickly monetise new and existing products and deliver a better customer experience.
  • We were awarded and are currently implementing for Piraeus Bank an integrated cloudbased event-marketing solution based on Oracle Marketing Cloud (SaaS). It allows the bank to capture, orchestrate and react to customer interactions by unifying marketing signals and launching cross-channel marketing programmes.
  • We have successfully delivered and rolled out key commercial services for the COSMOTE Payments EMI that include the Online Wallet service, the eCommerce acquiring service (vPOS) and the Physical POS service.
  • Expanded the volume of our business, increasing revenue in the existing customer contracts.
  • Enriched our portfolio with new solutions in the BSS and customer experience domain, such as digital onboarding and cloud native billing and revenue management.


Successful completion of major projects

  • COSMOTE, OSS: Completed the implementation of e2e services in OSS domain (Service Bus, Order & Service management, Network Inventory, P7, Objectel and Promitheas). Served as Integrators for new areas for implementation (such as software defined radio (SDR) for the delivery of voice technology) and corporate transformation scenarios.
  • COSMOTE, OSS Wholesale Transformation: Delivery of services for the transformation of the OSS stack that supports COSMOTE’s wholesale processes.
  • CYTA, Partners Portal: Introduced a new Portal solution (within Siebel) that will act as the core ecosystem for CYTA’s partners. Piraeus Bank – Siebel Data Archiving: Provided services in regards to the archiving of selected Data to alleviate performance related issues and improve overall Customer experience (Loyalty & Marketing Solution).
  • CYTA Cyprus, Oracle EBS upgrade: Completed the functional upgrade of Oracle E-Business Suite ERP (17 modules) from version 12.1.3 to version 12.2.7. In parallel, implemented and transformed all the necessary customisation for the new version of EBS.
  • Intralot, Oracle Responsys: Implemented services for marketing operations like camResponsys Cloud which belongs to Oracle CX Marketing Cloud (Germany & Croatia).
  • Netcompany-Intrasoft Group of Companies, Supplier Qualification: Completed implementation services for the rollout of Oracle’s Supplier Qualification in the Group’s companies that offer the ability to Procurement department to assess and qualify all the suppliers within the group of companies.
  • Netcompany-Intrasoft Group of Companies, Contract Management: Completed implementation services for the rollout of Oracle’s Enterprise Contract Management in the Group’s companies for the Other (NDA, MOU, SNS) And Employee Contracts. The Oracle Enterprise Contract Management is integrated fully with the main ERP system of the Group of companies using the Oracle Integration Cloud Enterprise edition.
  • Netcompany-Intrasoft Group of Companies, MDM: Completed implementation services for the rollout of Master Data Management in the Group’s companies for Customers and Suppliers using the Oracle Integration Cloud Enterprise edition.
  • VODAFONE, IVR Middleware upgrade: Migration of the current IVR Middleware platform to Vodafone’s Virtualisation environment called “VINO stack”, combined with architectural upgrade to microservices approach. IVR Middleware provides all needed interfaces and service logic for the communication of IVR Front Ends with the backend systems.
  • COSMOTE, Chatbot: NLU Conversation platform powered by machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in order to support the provisioning of chatbot- based communications with customers.


Award of significant new projects

  • COSMOTE, Wholebuy/Rural Transformation: To provide modernised services for the transformation of the OSS stack that supports COSMOTE’s Wholebuy and Rural processes (COSMOTE services over other providers’ infrastructure, delivery of Broadband Services in remote areas).
  • COSMOTE, Solvatio Upgrade: Implement a transition process for the new version of Solvatio. Includes consulting, architecture, migration, implementation activities to support the service assurance flows of mobile/fixed telephony.
  • COSMOTE, Order Capture – Back Offices: Re-engineering of mobile telephony business processes, and implement three different Back Office portals (Shipping, Credit, Document) leveraging on μService technologies and architecture.
  • Digea, Service Cloud Implementation: Implementation of services in Oracle Service Cloud that help DIGEA to offer a better customer experience.
  • COSMOTE, Next Gen Payments: A Gateway to the Next Payment Service Evolution. It gives the ability to perform instant Payments and provide the capability to Self-Manage via User Friendly flows. Available for Voice / IVR channel and Chat channel
  • ELPEDISON, New CRM - Salesforce Project: Implementation of SOA services for the integration between Salesforce CRM with Elpedison northbound and southbound systems such as Billing, Collection and myElpedison Portal.


Netcompany-Intrasoft is a certified partner and a leading SAP Integrator in the Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region for both the private and public sector, servicing a variety of industries. Our SAP department specialises in the implementation and support of SAP ERP installations for large companies in the private and public sectors.

Main achievements for 2021

  • Awarded a major S/4 HANA suite based, ERP/EAM/WFM project for the Independent Power Transmission Operator of Greece. Awarded an end-to-end internal business redesign project that includes design, development, installation, maintenance and support. Developed innovative applications for the S/4HANA Platform. Expanded our capacity, both in terms of consultants and experience, by investing heavily in the SAP Academy.
  • Expanded the volume of our business, increasing our revenue in the existing customer contracts.
  • Enriched our services portfolio.
  • Successfully executed and renewed several implementation and maintenance contracts and Service Level Agreements for our customer base in Greece and abroad (Hellenic Petroleum Group (IS-Oil), National Bank of Greece (ERP), INTRALOT S.A. (ERP), University of Patras (SLcM), Maillis Group, Forthnet-Nova, KENYA HOUSING FINANCE (ERP, CRM), THESSALONIKI PORT AUTHORITY (ERP))


Implementation of significant projects

NBG, SAP Flexible Capacity: Funds management implementation project and new enhancements including a holistic API management for internet banking. Also support services under a flexible capacity model.
Maillis Group, SAP Outsourcing: Outsourcing contracts for SAP production support services and the relevant infrastructure for the three subsidiaries (in Italy Poland and Greece). SAP Systems Split and Carve Out from one parent organisation to the three subsidiaries, including DR systems for ERP and BW.
Forthnet-Nova: Implemented new projects for Leasing Equipment and SAP e-books. Also, provided production support services for SAP environments.
L’Oreal: Implemented projects for SAP e-books and new Retail Chains, and support services for Hellenisation project.
DEMO Pharma: Implemented new projects for Redesigning of Costing Process, also provided production system support services. University of Patras: A full-scale migration project in new hardware installation for SAP and other applications.

New projects awarded

Several new projects were awarded in 2021. The most significant is the project for the delivery of an S/4 HANA suite-based ERP/EAM/ WFM system for the Independent Power Transmission Operator of Greece. It is a 5-year project involving design, development, installation, maintenance and support. The key areas are: Financial and accounting, Programme/Project Management, Procurement, Supply Chain & Inventory, Asset Management, Workforce Management and Human Resources.

New Ventures

During 2021, our New Ventures business department proceeded with developing and further scaling up initiatives commenced in 2021:
  • The group dealing with advanced data networking services successfully completed a challenging project aimed at “relocating” the operating frequency of Rural Connect’s fixed broadband network access. Based on requirements stipulated by the Greek government for 5G spectrum distribution, the operator was obliged to replace all related radio access activities with a new frequency band. The project, which was undertaken by Advanced Data Networking service and overseen by the New Ventures department, was successfully completed during 2021. Given the opportunity and through our services the Network of Rural Connect upgraded to 5G service capability.
  • Data Analytics Competence Center (iDACC), which operates under the New Ventures umbrella, undertook several projects launched in the Telecommunication and Banking sectors in Greece and North Africa in 2021. As an sign of successful implementation of the projects, received (together with the customer: Alpha Bank) the IMPACT BITE award for the big data- enabled Contextual Campaign Manager. Additionally, in close cooperation with Incelligent, a start-up specialising in building data- driven, predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions, we provided state-of-the-art services to our customers. More importantly, we boosted our portfolio with product extensions that exploit the most recent advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and deep learning technologies.
  • Parallel to the facilitation of the data analytics activities and product development, New Ventures continued with the operation of the INTRASOFT Blockchain Incubation Group (iBIG), a matrix-based team with participants from all relevant organisations. iBIG played a key role in the creation of specialised Blockchain reports, an activity fostered under the European Union Blockchain Observatory and Forum that led in 2021. More specifically, iBIG contributed significantly to the reports related to Central Bank Digital Currency and Non-Fungible Tokens. What’s more, iBIG steered the implementation of “Wallee” – a mobile application based on a Blockchain core for facilitating electronic payments within closed circle groups. “Wallee” was awarded with the gold IMPACT BITE award for the best Blockchain- based Fintech application.

Throughout 2021, New Ventures continued to pursue intrapreneurship activities and remained focused on using innovation as a strategic enabler for business growth. Our team continued to survey the Greek and international start-up ecosystem and leveraged INTRACOM Group’s existing partnerships and co-investments in the Jeremie and Marathon II VCs. It also coordinated additional participation in the Greek venture capital (VC) ecosystem.