Our Vision

Our vision is to become a European leader in terms of how digital transformation helps us build strong, sustainable societies, successful companies and, ultimately, provide a prosperous quality of life for all citizens.

By engaging in close partnerships with our customers, we manage to deliver complex projects that set the standard for IT services, highlighting the essence of cutting-edge technologies.

Our Values

Our values are an essential and significant part of our culture and the path that keeps us aligned. They are a set of core behaviours that determine our way of working, both internally and externally (with our clients and partners).


Be the link

We are a team, and each one of us is the link that forms our unique network of trust and transparency across departments, business units and countries. Synergies emerge through open communication, from unlocking individual potential and channelling our drive towards a collective vision. We trust each other and communicate with transparency, aiming to deliver value and reach our common and personal objectives. 

We make it happen

We respond to challenges through our expertise, accountability and solution-driven attitude. We are very proud of our long track record of delivering exceptional results, thanks to each one of us for making it happen, first individually and then collectively. That is why we continue setting the bar ever higher, always striving for improvement, always with an eye on the big picture. We take ownership of each outcome, functioning both as team members and as individuals.

Learn and evolve

Our learning journey is ongoing, and we make sure that every day we build on our experiences, we become better versions of ourselves and we overcome obstacles through sharing knowledge, learning and developing our skills. We listen to new ideas and invite everyone to contribute with theirs. As the world changes around us, we nurture the personal space and learning culture that fuels our growth and evolution as individuals and as a team. This is what gives us the strength to meet future challenges.

Fuel creativity

If innovation is the fire, then creativity is the spark living at the core of everything we stand for. We strive for creativity in every solution we design, every product we envision, every initiative we undertake. How do we get out creative, agile selves going? We seek, investigate, pursue, test and challenge. As a result, we produce the new and the groundbreaking. Forget out-of-the-box thinking; what we do is redraw the box, remaining true to our agile ways. 

Share customer success

The customer objectives need to shape our story - we ultimately help outline the narrative, create the solution and the plan of how to reach their goals and how to satisfy their ambitions. It is not only about successful delivery in an agile way; we understand needs and we exceed expectations, not once, but every time. That is how we operate, but most importantly that is how we define our success and create value for our customers. We stand by our customers, listening with enthusiasm and overcoming that challenges with passion. It is our unwavering focus that sets us apart.

Global Presence

Operations in 13 countries:
  • Headquarters in Luxembourg (LU) 
  • Development Centres in Athens (GR), Thessaloniki (GR), Patras (GR), Amman (JO), Bucharest (RO), Brussels (BE), Copenhagen (DK), Nairobi (KE), Cape Town (RSA)
  • Offices in Boston (USA), London (UK), Ras al-Khaimah (UAE), Sofia (BG), Nicosia (CY) 
Business areas:
  • EU Institutions (Application Development & Integration Services, IT Resourcing Services, Managed Services, Information & Communication Services (SCOPE), Research & Innovation Development)
  • Public Sector (Social Security, Customs, Taxation, Compliance, Trade Facilitation, Justice, Health) 
  • Enterprise Solutions (Customer Experience, Enterprise, Banking & Finance, Software Development, Analytics, IT Security) 

Our Awards

  • Gold Award for the “Our people drive the change” initiative in the category Best Employee Engagement Strategy (HR AWARDS 2021)
  • Gold Award for the “Redesigning our workplace - It’s good to have you back, let’s all keep safe!” initiative in the category Most Innovative Workplace Redesign (HR AWARDS 2021)
  • Bronze Award for the “Working Apart but closer than ever!” initiative in the category Best Flexible Working Strategy (HR AWARDS 2021)
  • Recipient of 8 awards, including the Integrator of the Year 2021 award, at the 2021 IMPACT BITE (Business IT Excellence) 10th anniversary edition, the most important award related to technological innovation in Greece.
     o Gold award in the Cloud category for the design and implementation of the G-Cloud Node of the GIS
     o Gold award in the Big Data category for the Pioneering Real Time Contextual Campaign application on behalf of Alpha Bank
     o Gold award in the Blockchain category for the innovative Wallee application
     o Silver award in the Blockchain category for the implementation of the IP Register on Blockchain on behalf of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)
     o Silver award in the category of Large-Scale IT Projects for the implementation of the distributed AES and NCTS-P5 systems on behalf of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Taxation and Customs Union (DG TAXUD)
     o Silver award in the category of Participation in R&D projects and their utilisation for the design and implementation of Streamhandler on behalf of Vodafone Innovus
     o Bronze award in the category of Participation in R&D projects and their utilisation for the design and implementation of the QARMA application 

Financial and Non-Financial Overview

Generating and Distributing Economic Value

  • € 207,3m Revenues --> +5.1% vs 2020
  • € 18,9m EBITDA --> +5.0% vs 2020
  • € 934,1m Orderbook --> +32.9% vs 2020
  • € 491,2m New Orders --> marginally stable vs 2020

Empowering Society

  • 2,250 highly skilled professionals --> +2.3% vs 2020
  • 20% female BoD members --> +20 ppts vs 2020
  • 17 average training hours per employee --> marginally stable vs 2020
  • 529 new hires --> marginally stable vs 2020
  • 36% new female hires
  • 74% of spending on local suppliers --> +23% ppts vs 2020
  • 37 social contribution projects  --> +60.9% vs 2020
  • 50 + innovation projects contributing to 15 out of 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) --> improved coverage (+1 UN SDG vs 2020)
  • 34 projects contributed to SDG 9 (Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation)

Monitoring our environmental footprint 

  • 1,742 MWh consumed --> -60.4% vs 2020
  • 1.0 MWh consumed by each employee --> -61.5% vs 2020
  • 462,561 units of paper consumed, a 27% decrease compared to 2020 --> -26.8% vs 2020
  • 3,028 m3 water used --> -77.5% vs 2020
  • 5 actions to improve energy efficiency --> -25.0% vs 2020

*Environmental figures include only operations in Greece, Luxembourg, Belgium and Romania


  • 1996 - Founded in Luxembourg
  • 1999 - Awarded to INTRASOFT International - LANDMARK INSEM3, DISURE & NCTA Custom projects
  • 2006 - Strategic partnership - ΙNTRACOM IT SERVICES & INTRASOFT International begin their partnership in South East Europe, Middle East and Africa, focusing on public sector, banking & custom projects for enterprises
  • 2011 - Accreditation - Reverse merger with INTRACOM IT SERVICES implemented; Company receives service partner accreditation
  • 2017 - Year of Innovation - INTRASOFT International’s 2017 Year of innovation programme marked by a series of initiatives and actions, external and internal campaigns at international level
  • 2018 - Year of Coding - Launch of INTRASOFT Coding Academy, an initiative that teaches the fundamentals of coding to pre-teens
  • 2020 - Year of Agile - Changed the culture of how we work: from Good, to Better, to Agile! We embraced the agile model of doing business, scaling up agile in our organisation across delivery groups, product lines and support services/functions
  • 2021 - Joined forces with Netcompany - We joined forces with Denmark-based Netcompany to create one of Europe’s leading IT companies. Our new brand name, Netcompany-Intrasoft, symbolises the beginning of a journey of growth poised to lead the digital transition across Europe