Our Approach

At Netcompany-Intrasoft, we aspire to be an attractive, top of mind employer of choice through our focus on inclusion, collaboration, health and well-being. Our people are at the heart of everyday operations, and their value and effort is what helps us achieve our ambitions. We aim to attract and retain the most highskilled talented people to help us advance our purpose of continuous development and improvement as an innovation-driven Company. At Netcompany-Intrasoft, we lead the way in responsible employment practices, aiming to adapt to any workplace and workforce changes, and to enable our people to reach their full potential. Our future depends on our people, so making responsible employment practices is essential for our business.

Attracting the Right People

Retaining, supporting, developing and attracting a motivated and talented workforce is our Company’s main focus. To that end, we attract and retain top talent, both recent graduates and experienced professionals, while providing opportunities that support both personal and professional development, skills development, career growth and employee retention. We sustainably tap into qualified and diverse talent pools: highly technical skills, qualifications and a set of desired behaviours are the key elements to identify the right talent. Utilising our online presence across various platforms, job announcements and the attraction of new employees takes place through our corporate website, our social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook), university recruitment initiatives and referrals provided by our current employees and personal contacts. According to our ambitious global talent acquisition strategy that is aligned with our long-term business goals, recruiting and evaluating candidates is based solely on their respective qualifications and skills, demonstrated through their completion of technical assessments, tests and an HR evaluation. During the selection process, we not only try to evaluate technical and soft skills, but also discuss candidates’ interests and describe the roles, the structure and the culture of our Company.
Our strategy supports our business priority of being an attractive, exciting and modern place to work built on the following pillars:
  • We promote mutual understanding, empathy and respect;
  • We provide a safe working environment;
  • We develop a culture of continuous growth and lifelong learning;
  • We recognise performance and reward employees;
  • We offer benefits and compensation to our people
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Keeping our People Satisfaction High

Fruitful employee relationships promote competence development, employee well-being and job satisfaction. We take our employees’ overall satisfaction very seriously, and aim to maximise their commitment, engagement and retention through constant open communication and the provision of additional benefits.

Employee Engagement

High levels of employee engagement promote retention of talent, foster employee satisfaction and make team members feel valued. At Netcompany-Intrasoft, we try to build a strong open-door culture, where people are welcome to share their thoughts, reflections and opinions. In that context, we run Employee Engagement Surveys every two years, motivating our employees across all sites to share their views and feedback with regards to their work experience and to suggest improvements.
Our employee engagement framework and the related actions focus on four main areas:
  • People: Actions related to the daily support that employees receive from their managers and the Company support functions.
  • Purpose: Actions aiming to introduce and assimilate the corporate strategy to all employees so that they have a clear link of their personal goals with the company vision and goals.
  • Total Reward: Actions focusing on the professional development of employees. both from a monetary and skills/competencies perspective, aiming to develop our employees to the maximum of their capabilities.
  • Work: Actions ensuring a work environment where all employees can act independently, feel that their opinion matters, while at the same time be themselves and have the freedom of expression.
In 2021, 81% of Netcompany-Intrasoft people participated in the Employee Engagement Survey by sharing their views and opinions. The targeted actions resulted in the increase of our Sustainable Engagement index by 17 points in just 2 years. Moreover, the outcome of the Employee Engagement Survey demonstrated overall that our employees are proud to work for Netcompany-Intrasoft.
This this pride is evidenced by:
85% of Netcompany-Intrasoft employees would recommend us as an employer of choice
In addition to the above-mentioned actions, and aiming to further enhance internal communication, we have kickstarted the development of our blog page. In operation from 2022, employees will have the opportunity to post and share thoughts, and even complaints, regarding aspects of their work. For now, our most commonly used internal communication channels remain the following:
  • regular meetings (daily or weekly);
  • emails;
  • biannual Employee Engagement Survey;
  • campaigns and banners;
  • internal communication announcements for corporate issues;
  • bulletin boards;
  • annual corporate events;
  • Corporate Governance collaboration tool
In 2020, we launched an internal content hub to encourage employees to improve the internal communication within the Company. The communication platform #WeAre drives organisational change by keeping employees engaged, productive, safe and informed about business initiatives.
Moreover, we at Netcompany-Intrasoft commenced our Value project in 2021. Consisting of employee representatives from all countries, up to two monthly meetings are held between the core team and tribe representatives to better facilitate cooperation and communication between our people. This encourages our employees to feel as if they are part of one big Netcompany- Intrasoft family.

Compensation and Benefits

We do not only offer competitive and fair salaries, but also a range of employee benefits, reward and recognition programmes for our people that are geared towards improving employee satisfaction levels.
Furthermore, we offer corporate cars, fuel allowance and corporate mobile phones based on the employee job level and business requirements.

Our Performance in 2021








Our targets for 2022 and onwards

  • Target 1: Retain our talent
  • Target 2: Increase the total number of entry level hiring (30% of total hires)
  • Target 3: Implement new channels for employee communication