As this report is being finalised, and we look back at 2021, we all realise that we are turning a page in our 25-year history. INTRASOFT became part of the Denmark-based Netcompany Group in November 2021, in a deal that at the end of the year set our company on a new course for unprecedented growth and discovery. 

However, the year did not start in November. By that time, not only had we met our targets, but also exceeded them. At the end of the year, revenue reached €207 million and our bookings once again well over the €0.5 billion mark. With the COVID-19 pandemic painting a patchy picture in terms of remote and onsite work, the continuous effort to strike a balance between outbreaks, government regulations across our geographies, and the fundamental aspiration to keep our staff and societies safe, we managed to turn the challenges around and ensured service continuity on every project and through every milestone. It was not an easy task – our people, reflecting our common values, came together like never before, shielded in our hybrid operating model and delivered excellent results. 

I would like to express my congratulations to the members of our family for their passion during a year that although full of challenges proved rewarding for us all. The work carried out by our company’s Corporate Centre and Support functions, including Corporate Governance, Finance and Human Resources, allowed us all to further the business, while relying on the robust and scalable nature of our policies and procedures. 

The accomplishments across all three of our Business Units were not only significant in numbers, they set the tone for the next era of growth for our company: a digital transformation partner of choice, with a major part to play in the digitalisation of public and private sector alike. In addition, we enriched our service range by strengthening our digital communication and impact assessment portfolio with new contracts. 

The future has rarely looked brighter for Netcompany-Intrasoft. Joining forces with the Netcompany Group does not only bring a fresh outlook, but is already creating synergies across the technology landscape, matching expertise with new clients and geographies. And we are not stopping there; we are already designing our strategy for the next day, placing renewed emphasis on our sustainability goals and the added value we bring to citizens and society. 

Alexandros Manos