Our Approach

With our strategic focus on creating value for all, we at Netcompany-Intrasoft generate economic value for all our stakeholders through our business activities, contributing to the economy, employment, and local communities. In all countries where we operate, we create job opportunities and provide income, generate tax revenue, and build strong relationships with customers, suppliers, and business partners throughout our value chain.
Within this process of generating and distributing economic value, we leave a positive economic footprint in all countries, markets, and societies we operate in. Over time, we have demonstrated our consistent strategic planning, as well as our disciplined financial and operational management, with the overarching aim of increasing our profitability by releasing funds for the purpose of investment in innovative products and services. In line with our established values and culture, aspiring to create value for all, we make investments that support and strengthen our core business in a sustainable way.
2021 was another significant year for us. We continued to enhance our organisational and financial structures, pursuing the implementation of a targeted investment plan and maintaining a strong outward-looking orientation. We successfully completed another year of positive economic performance, building the foundation for further robust growth and even greater success during 2022.
We are optimistic that our strategic initiatives will strengthen the financial performance of our company and enhance our leading role as a reliable partner in our industry across all areas of activity.
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Creating Jobs in other Sectors

A crucial aspect of our value creation, the generation of a significant number of employment opportunities in the form of suppliers across multiple sectors, stimulates indirect employment. Further to this, the sale of our products and services additionally contributes to employment – creating jobs across academic, technological, financial, and industrial sectors, among others. Globally, our operations support the implementation of the UN’s SDG 8 (decent work and economic growth) by contributing to economic prosperity and increasing productivity and innovation in the markets where we operate.

Generating Value throughout the Value Chain

We promote economic stability in the countries within which we operate through the added value we generate during the sales of products and services. Our network of customers, suppliers, and business partners, all add value to our products and services, which are sold worldwide to an array of different clients. This added value makes it possible to pay our employees’ wages, cover tax liabilities, and reward our lenders and investors. It is also the source of VAT revenues collected by governments in the countries within which we operate.

Economic Value Generated and Total Tax Contribution

The economic value that we generate is a combination of gross revenue and financial income. Our contribution is distributed among our stakeholders through payments to suppliers for goods and services, wages to employees, financial expenses to those who provide capital, and taxes paid to governments. The economic value retained is the profit we use to finance dividends for our shareholders, make investments, and support future business growth. In 2021, economic value generated stood a EUR 207.3 million. Taxes borne by Netcompany-Intrasoft include direct taxes such as corporate income tax, social security taxes, and other direct and indirect taxes.

Our Performance




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Our targets for 2022 and onwards

  • Target 1: Increase the total value distributed to our stakeholders
  • Target 2: Achieve an annual increase in the financial value produced by Netcompany-Intrasoft