Our Approach

At Netcompany-Intrasoft, we believe that a diverse workforce is a lever to running a sustainable and successful business. We recognise the significance of an inclusive people demographic, and thus endeavour to promote the inclusion of knowledge, expertise and skills development across all operations. Our effort to maintain a diverse, engaged and talented workforce leads to a competitive advantage for our Company, helping us to prepare our employees, customers, business partners and society in general for future challenges and opportunities.
Our people can perform at their best in an environment where they feel safe and empowered. Our mindset governs us all to demonstrate inclusive leadership, speak up, listen and follow up with great ideas and fresh perspectives. Adopting a diverse and inclusive company-wide approach helps us to promote equality and eliminate unconscious bias, while at the same time supporting us in building a diverse talent pipeline.
To this end, we are committed to ensuring equal employment opportunities for all employees and candidates in accordance with the appropriate employment laws. The procedures for hiring and evaluating candidates and employees are based on their respective qualifications, skills and performance.


Mutual respect among people is fundamental within our Company. Our Code of Conduct reflects respect for equal employment opportunities and human rights in all operations and activities. Both as a matter of law and common decency, our employees are entitled to pursue their employment free from unlawful discrimination and harassment with regards to sex, race, colour, nationality, ancestry, citizenship, sexual orientation, religion, age, physical or mental disability, medical condition or marital status. Accordingly, unlawful discrimination or harassment of any employee by a co-worker or by a member of management is not tolerated. Additionally, to further our commitment towards equal opportunities, we have created a Charter of Diversity to ensure equal pay between women and men, establishing concrete actions to realise this goal. Notably, reporting discrimination and harassment is necessary for us to maintain a respectful and egalitarian work environment that does not result in any retaliation against employees.

Our Performance in 2021





Our targets for 2022 and onwards

Target 1: Establish a Code of Ethics policy