The enormous penetration of smartphone technology nowadays, has created a dynamic ecosystem of anytime-anywhere connected entities. Our lifestyle has changed not only as social interacting personas, but as consumers, as well. Situated in the middle of economic process, banks could not abstain digital evolutions. Future banking is not just about making the bank available online, but it involves unique, seamless, personalized and simplified experience throughout all customer touchpoints, by maximizing the native features of every channel. 

Having embraced the mobile-first principle, II introduces the new customer-centric, digital channels - part of its omnichannel platform:

  • iPROFITS® - the web banking application
  • m-PROFITS® - the mobile banking application
  • a-PROFITS® - the agency banking solution

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i-PROFITS® is a modern and reliable web banking environment, that fully meets the needs of retail but also corporate customers. By utilizing modern technologies, the product behaves perfectly in any browser and in any device. Besides the superior user experience and quality of service, the product is designed to offer all banking functions - even the most uncommon - to minimize the need of branch visits.

Although, it is fully integrated with PROFITS® CBS, the solution smoothly supports any other Core, through standard APIs.



An innovative mobile banking solution, that utilizes II’s omnichannel Platform. It covers Retail and Corporate Banking, compatible with Android and iOS devices. The System is fully integrated with PROFITS® Core Banking System and can be smoothly integrated with any 3rd party Core Banking System.

Besides the typical financial transactions (account balances and statements, payments and transfers), m-PROFITS® includes online customer on-boarding and account opening, as well as, it incorporates the functionality to apply, access and control debit and credit cards. At the same time, a new module for managing personal finances is introduced within the application. m-PROFITS® yet exploits all new security biometric features of modern smartphones.



Agency is more than an extra channel. It is the banking operational model that provides a solid foundation to address the limitations of conventional banking and to empower low income, unbanked and rural segments of society. Agency banking widens the outreach of financial services for the masses. The agents may take the form of retailers, shopkeepers, super market chains, couriers, post offices, telecom services providers etc., performing like shops-in-a-shop. Agents are equipped with adequate technology infrastructure (mobile phones, tablets or POS terminals) to support the processing of financial transactions on behalf of their customers.

a-PROFITS®, II’s agency banking solution, allows the secure execution of all common banking transactions, including account opening, balance inquiry, deposits and withdrawals but fund transfers and payments, as well.