At the core of every country in the world is the “Rule of Law”. The rapid progress of Information Communication Technology is impacting every facet of our society and the sector of Justice is not an exception.

E-justice has become absolutely necessary for enhancing transparency, effectiveness and access to justice in a timely fashion. It also enables justice information to be readily accessible, and for knowledge to be exchanged with ease.  E-justice is essential for the automation of civil and criminal proceedings in court.

A well-functioning judicial system is also at the foundation of any strong economic development. Confidence in Justice creates a climate of certainty and reliability, and also encourages innovation, investment and business creation. Recent testimonies coming from a leading European country cites an annual saving of over 50m€, once a digital service to facilitate “civil trials” was launched.

Additionally, the subscription-based service NOMOS was developed, which provides legislation and law content to law professionals.

Through the winning of the relevant and complex National project, Netcompany-Intrasoft built a deep knowledge base in judicial and court processes, especially in the Court Case Management domain and more particularly in Civil and Criminal Law.  This led to the development and delivery of a relevant Business Application System with operational coverage of:

  • Local courts – Magistrates, First Instance Courts, Appeal Courts & Supreme Court
  • First Instance Prosecution, Appeal Prosecution, Supreme Court Prosecution
  • Criminal and Civil Judicial and Administrative Procedures
  • Bankruptcy Cases, Wills, Formation of Enterprises, Unions and other Legal Entities
  • Court Officials, Administrative Personnel, Judges HRMS, Internal Audit and Disciplinary Boards

A series of digital extrovert services were implemented, such as:

  • Electronic submission of a plaintiff and relative documents by a lawyer or a law firm
  • Online Determination of Trial Date and Court Type
  • Online Monitoring of the Case progress 
  • Online Monitoring of Court Dockets (Hearings/Halls)
  • Electronic requests for certificates issuance

Netcompany-Intrasoft continues to invest in the Judicial domain while closely monitoring all EU-driven legislation. Additionally, it is broadening its knowledge of the Law Systems and processes of other countries, while expanding into other areas within the Judicial domain.

Take a moment to go through Netcompany’s govtech solutions in the Justice sector.