The main objectives of  PROTEUS are:

  • Increase the speed of trade and lower trade costs
  • Enhance trader experience
  • Secure duties & fees revenue collection
  • Guarantee trade compliance, minimize risk and boost security

INTRASOFT PROTEUSTM provides a comprehensive set of functionalities in a powerful, configurable that is designed to digitize and orchestrate flows between:

  • Ministries (Finance, Trade, Budget, Health, Agriculture, etc.)
  • Licensing and Regulatory agencies
  • Customs & Ports Authorities
  • Private sector (Traders, Shippers, Manufacturers, etc.)
  • Commercial & Central Banks and Insurers

INTRASOFT PROTEUSTM can also be used to accelerate the streamlining of business processes across multiple actors (governmental or not) that results in frictionless trade.

In addition, INTRASOFT PROTEUSTM provides a reporting and analytics toolset that enables governments to monitor Key Performance Indicators of operations and the overall health of the flow of trade. Statistics can be used to provide feedback to governmental authorities so that they may continuously improve their operations.

For more information, please visit INTRASOFT PROTEUS website.