Netcompany-Intrasoft (Previously known as INTRASOFT International) has a 25-year unblemished record of delivering business-critical projects in Europe, Middle East and African region.  Its core strategy has always been to develop and continuously enrich its subject matter expertise and expand its deep knowledge of technology in certain Public Sector domains, thus being able to significantly contribute to the Digital journey of the Public Sector. Netcompany-Intrasoft's substantial long-term success is achieved through mobilizing its talented professionals, identifying the appropriate methodologies and practices, while simultaneously choosing the suitable products, technologies and valuable partnerships.

It is both common knowledge and historically proven, that when there are significant Transforms of the Public Sector, assisted by Technology, it is not simply the financial performance or the investment return that counts. There are other critical key aspects which ultimately determine the success of such a major endeavor.  They include, but are not limited to, the extent of business and cultural changes, the advancement of the citizen interaction-experience, the agile adaptability to business landscape changes, the “best” utilization of the Public Sector human capital, and of course, the increasingly crucial issue of data security.

To meet these challenges and excel at the solutions, Netcompany-Intrasoft is primarily equipped with a far reaching and deep understanding of the Public Sector business processes and policies, including the international standards and the best practices per specific Public Sector domain. Our great expertise in this subject matter is continuously enhanced by closely monitoring all major policy making Institutions at an EU and Worldwide level (e.g. World Bank/IMF, World Customs Organization, World Trade Organization, etc.). Such monitoring is essential as these Institutions will significantly drive the Public Sector’s future initiatives at National, Federated or regional levels.

Netcompany-Intrasoft has the ability to design a multi-faceted “service-box” approach that accommodates a broad range of Public Sector Transformation plans, and to bring it to realization through tailored agility.  This is achieved through our core assets of business knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the overall landscape, alongside the ability to select the appropriate Business Application Solutions (i.e. own Configurable Products, 3party, or mix) as well as the proper set of Professional Services. This dynamic combination is significantly strengthened and enriched with the broad adoption of emerging and/or mature technologies, e.g. Cloud & Managed Services, Analytics & Machine Learning, and Blockchain & Cybersecurity.

It is important to note that we consider each Customer as a unique and exceptional case.  Therefore, for each endeavor we exploit the proper blend of our long-held worldwide partnerships. This approach firmly establishes a high business, technological or regional/local value, thus maximizing the possibility for successful and sustainable Transformational projects.

In keeping with our consistent strategy and track record to invest and excel in specific market domains of the Public Sector, Netcompany-Intrasoft has the readiness and capacity to address the following principal Public Sector domains: Revenue & Compliance, Customs & Trade Facilitation, Social Security & Health Insurance, Risk Management, Compliance & Enforcement, Public Accounting & Procurement, and Justice.