Agile development

A lot of emphasis is put on developing applications that are modular, easy to maintain and enhance, secure and reliable, while being able to exceed our customers’ expectations.

We deliver our services utilizing Agile software development methodologies to achieve improved customer experience, higher employee engagement and more efficient and effective delivery. Netcompany-Intrasoft has performed a Scaled Agile transformation to create value for its Customers and our key principles include:

  • Small, focused, cross-functional, integrated teams aligned to business objectives
  • Frequent iterations to deliver an MVP
  • Our proxy Product Owner focused on responding to customer needs
  • Continuous improvement and accountability for business value.

Depending on the business case, we are ready to utilize one of the most applicable Agile methodologies to fit the purpose (e.g.  Scrum, NEXUS, SAFe, Spotify or DAD).


Netcompany-Intrasoft delivers microservice enterprise applications, High Traffic customer facing application (SPA) or core backend functionalities. Our services include:

  • Microservices migration: We develop strategies that suit to your business needs, to achieve seamless migration from you your monolith application and legacy system to microservices.
  • Microservices development and testing: Microservice application from scratch in order to promote service autonomy and reusability, API-centric capabilities, as well as business agility.
  • Devops expertise: We provide production-ready container management on Kubernetes on cloud or on your premises as well as CI/CD solutions.

Front End Outsourcing

Front end development is a crucial part to any IT project. How a web application ranks aesthetically along with a rich and easy to use functionality, determines whether people choose to use the application or leave. People tend to linger on web applications and portals with a quality interface, complete with enticing information. Therefore, it’s imperative that this should be allowed to be handled by the right front-end development team to ensure that your company is represented with the best online solutions as possible.

Netcompany-Intrasoft UX/UI design and development services

Getting a reliable and competent team of developers in the current market can prove difficult. At Intrasoft International, we are offering a tried and trusted team of skilled programmers, including Front-End and UI/UX experts, who will help speed up projects. We are a professional software development company and we will ensure a Front-End team will always be at your disposal.

Mobile applications

We have expertise in varied apps development that will be helpful in propelling the business in online marketplace. Our team has the expertise & experience, leveraging the best integration technologies & practices, to help business build scalable, future-proof and adaptable solutions. Our design team helps companies grow by creating a unique mobile experience for their customers. We can create pixel perfect and responsive designs for optimized user experience on mobile devices.

The major technology stacks and tooling we use in our projects include: