INTRASOFT International, committed to deliver first-class banking software, continuously invests in PROFITS®, its modern, robust and reliable Core Banking System.

PROFITS® is the system of choice of a significant number of financial institutions globally. The system is designed based on the highest security specifications and international quality standards. It has open, clear and solid architecture, that ensures agility, scalability and resilience.

Having embraced the developments in the financial services industry, where banking is perceived to be not just a collection of products and transactions offered in branches, the new PROFITS® focuses on interaction, providing superior and personalized customer experience, especially on the digital touchpoints.

Besides its customer-centric nature, the powerful product factory and the exceptional rule-driven engine, which enables rapid adaptation to market changes, its integrated omnichannel component attributes the system with unique digital characteristics.

Main Features

Omni-Channel Banking

PROFITS® promotes omni-channel banking. Having embraced the evolutions in the financial services industry, where banking is perceived to be not just a collection of products and transactions offered in branches, the new PROFITS® focuses on interaction, providing superior and personalized customer experience, especially on the digital touchpoints. All digital channels now have a consistent look and feel for the customer while all interaction between digital channel and 3rd party systems or applications is performed through a single omnichannel gateway.

Digital Experience

Our next-day PROFITS® Core Banking System comes with a responsive browser-based frontend, with core banking enhancements and with new digital channels such as a redesigned mobile app and a web banking application that provide new customer experiences, such as:

  • Seamless customer service on a true 24x7 basis
  • Stylish User Interfaces
    • Based on a portal site concept, several web portals can be managed under the same fresh and seamless design concept. Furthermore, browser-based front end for the users of branches and central units provide smooth usage and modernize the employee experience.
  • Customer Journeys
    • Customer Journeys have been reimagined to provide seamless and consistent, as well as, clear and pleasant banking reality, maximizing the engagement of the customer.
  • New Features & Toolkits.
    • Our platform solution offers many embedded applications (components), features and toolkits.

Customer Centricity

Built around a single customer view that covers all product lines and channels, it enhances the ability of the bank to understand its customers’ needs and enhance personalization of services. Embedded analytics provide customer insight and predictive sales and service assistance. PROFITS® therefore, provides opportunities for business growth through the advanced customer profile concept and the overall management of information of the financial relationship between the customer and the banking organization.

Products Factory

The powerful Products Generation Engine provides the capability of fast creation of new products and services, which meet the ever-changing needs of the market. Products can be promoted individually or as product packages. The system supports Loans and Deposits varying from simple offerings to more sophisticated retail and corporate products with more complex features. With PROFITS® Products Factory, new products can be rapidly brought to Market providing market share when new opportunities arise. Furthermore, PROFITS® comes with a complete set of banking products provided out-of-the-shelf in the form of Banking Product Templates which can be easily modified to adopt the Bank’s pricing policy.

Business Rules Engine

The logic of all PROFITS® components can be easily set up through business rules that are processed from the System’s business rules engine thus dramatically reducing time to market.  The concept of Business Rules processing is a fundamental architectural concept of PROFITS®. It is widely used across every subsystem of PROFITS® and drives the dynamic definition (by configurable services) of application logic, interfacing with 3rd party systems and applications, accounting processing, authorization, reporting, online document creation etc.

Open Architecture

Due to its Architecture, PROFITS® has now a rich set of integration features (i.e. interfacing with 3rd party systems or applications) in SOA (readymade web services) and Non-SOA (any type of file exchange, any type of messages including ISO 8583 and variations, etc.) modes. The System comes with a significant number of Web APIs covering all areas of the banking business that are accessible by third party systems and applications for the secured integration of PROFITS® with Payments Systems, Alternative Delivery Channels etc. thus extending its functionality.

Platform & Architecture independency

The System is deployable in a variety of technological platforms (including Mainframe, any flavor of Unix and Microsoft environments) and Relational Database Systems (DB2, ORACLE, SQL Server).

Embedded Features and Toolkits

PROFITS® Messaging and Alerting Mechanism offers messages (sms, e-mails) to both to users (employees) and customers. Messages can be user defined or based upon templates and activated from configurable rules (event based) across all channels supported by PROFITS®.

PROFITS® Scheduler is a complete Workload Automation system, which offers numerous benefits such as the ability to easily configure complex Workloads (scheduled PROFITS® Batch flows, System/Platform maintenance tasks, secure data exchange with the external interfaces, testing flows  etc), security control upon execution of scheduled task so that only authorized users can execute assigned scheduled tasks and much more.

PROFITS® also comes withown Data Migration Toolkit, Testing Facility and Configuration Management advanced features.

Modular Core and Near Core Banking

PROFITS® promotes modular banking. With a modular architecture in place, you may easily roll out new offerings and scale them up or down – at will – fast and in line with your customer needs. A modular architecture empowers you to go beyond, responding to market realities, to actively creating them in conjunction with your customer. The System consists of a full set of components (subsystems or modules), seamlessly integrated to each other covering all core and near core as well as ERP functionality banking functionality in a modular manner. Due to this Architecture PROFITS® can be installed either fully, covering the whole business of a Banking organization or by component in accordance with its needs and actual business. In this later case, additional components can be installed in a plug-and-play mode since all are governed by the same architectural and integration principles.