Let’s get to know each other!

Your resume is the key point to present what you want us to know about you and is also the beginning of the journey to becoming part of the Netcompany-Intrasoft family. Adjust your CV so it best reflects who you are. If the job ad asks for a certain technology in which you have qualifications and experience, don’t forget to include it on your CV. Stick to a maximum of two pages. “A good CV is clear, concise, and makes every point necessary without waffling.”

Assessment Process

After receiving your CV, we devote some time to evaluate whether it matches the specs of a specific position. If it does, someone from our team will call you for the initial Phone/Online Interview Discussion step, so we can meet you.

During the initial screening, you will have the opportunity to meet with a member of our Talent Acquisition team and discuss more about you your interests, expertise and the opportunities within Netcompany-Intrasoft. There might be more than one job that is of great fit to you, so be prepared for an interesting interview that might unveil new career opportunities! The next steps of the process are very fast until the final offer. An additional technical interview will take place along with a technical assessment. The final step of the process is an HR Interview with an HR Business Partner.

  • Step 1: Application Review

    We review your CV and if you are a good fit for the roles, we will be in touch to arrange the initial Phone/Online Interview Discussion.

  • Step 2: Get to know Discussion

    You will have the opportunity to meet with a member of our Talent Acquisition team and discuss more about your interests and your experience, in order to spot the job opening that suits you best.

  • Step 3: Technical Interview/Assessment

    You will meet our teams for a technical in-depth discussion about the role, your qualifications, and your experience but it is also meant to be friendly, warm, and gives you the opportunity to get to know us better too.
    Depending on the role you may be assigned to a brief online assessment or a case study.

  • Step 4: HR Interview

    When you have made it through the Technical Interview/Assessment, then an HR Interview with our HR Business Partner will take place. In this step, you will gain in-depth knowledge about the Netcompany-Intrasoft and how you’d fit into our existing workplace culture.

  • Step 5: Job Offer

    If everything works out on both sides, our HR Business Partner will reach out to you with a job offer.