Advanced in design, Flexible in use

PROFITS® for SACCOs is a Core Banking solution that covers the business, operational and regulatory needs of SACCOs worldwide, in a fast secure and reliable manner. Accelerate your business growth by using PROFITS® for SACCOs, a ready to deploy Core Banking Solution tailored to meet the needs and expectations of the SACCOs.

PROFITS® for SACCOs is offered both as on-Premise solution as well as Software as a Service (SaaS). As a Service, it is in a Data Centre in a multi-tenant and fully secured environment providing full segregation of the participating SACCOs Data. Designed as an integrated packaged solution providing rich comprehensive and contemporary functionality, PROFITS® covers core and near core business functions on end–to–end basis. Through its advanced customer concept, it allows easy and personalized management of the SACCOs relationship with members, hence creating more opportunities for business growth. All PROFITS® components can easily be set up through the PROFITS® business rules engine dramatically reducing time to market. The powerful PRODUCTS generation engine provides fast creation of new products and services to aggressively address every new need of the SACCO market. PROFITS® parametric, components-based design allows for expansions and adaptations to cater for the current and future business needs of a SACCO. PROFITS® portability allows for installations on a variety of Modern platforms in any SACCO regardless of Size, Type, Category or Cluster. PROFITS® is offered either as a stand-alone in a SACCO or as a Centralized Core Banking hub serving several SACCOs simultaneously.

PROFITS® for SACCOs in a Saas Model: Fast and easy competitive banking

Offered Services:

  1. On Boarding Services for the Signing SACCOs
  2. Business Service Management
  3. Support Services (SLA)

PROFITS® for SACCOs functional architecture

Benefits to SACCOs on SaaS model

The SACCOs will enter into a PROFITS® for SACCOs service Agreement related to the daily management and Support of the System and IT infrastructure. The SACCOs will have full access to the system thus benefiting from its functional services and regulatory compliance on a "pay-as-you-go" basis. INTRASOFT International takes the headache from you with full responsibility of system operation, support and maintenance, including training and upgrades on future releases.

More specifically will avoid:

  • Upfront investment related to Licenses and Implementation services for the on-premise System installation
  • IT infrastructure (servers, OS, RDBMS etc.) costs
  • IT infrastructure maintenance costs
  • The need of hiring specialized IT personnel
  • The need of hiring Systems' operators (end of day batch flows, producing reports etc.)
  • The need of establishing users’ Help Desk manned with System and Applications experts.

At the same time, they will benefit from:

  • Advanced functionality of PROFITS® for SACCOs covering all their functionality and operational needs.
  • A complete view of the Member Profile, Members’ Shares and the overall financial relationship between the Member and the SACCO in a 360o view
  • Reduced time-to-market in introducing new banking products or changing the characteristics (pricing or otherwise) of existing products.
  • Full compliance provided by the System for Regulatory reporting requirements (SASRA Reporting).
  • Help Desk provided by PROFITS® for SACCOs experts.
  • New software versions and releases of the System, as they become available by INTRASOFT and in accordance to a well-defined Road Map
  • More flexible and reliable IT operations (batch runs, backups, etc.) provided by INTRASOFT
  • Business continuity also provided by the existence of a Disaster Recovery Center
  • Centrally managed Interfaces to alternative delivery channels and third parties Systems