Complete portfolio of IT solutions to support business operations

Netcompany-Intrasoft offers a complete portfolio of IT solutions to support the business operations of enterprises in the Energy and Utilities sector. The solutions can be offered on-premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid mode and cover a wide range of key business areas such as:

  • Financial Management and Controlling
  • Warehouse Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Marketing and Loyalty
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Customer Service
  • Sales and Distribution
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Business Process Management
  • Asset Management
  • Meter Management

Netcompany-Intrasoft utilizing its partnerships with two major software vendors: SAP and Oracle, has deployed end2end solutions in major enterprises such as refineries, electricity distributors, alternative energy providers, natural gas distributors.

Operational and Information Technology convergence

Energy and Utilities around the globe face the challenge of Digital Transformation in order to enhance their operations, increase their effectiveness and profitability. Utilities traditionally have been working with two business units often developing their own silos: “operations” and “enterprise”. Operations have focused on the technology. This side has been investing in solutions that have relevance only for this part of the business. When IT became widespread, the primary focus of IT was on the enterprise side. Focus was placed on how to enable or automate various business processes as well as improve customer satisfaction. The siloing may exist even within the two major units - disrupting efficiency, and we may find this phenomenon in many cases as in Water Distribution and Wastewater, where Wastewater is not aware in real-time of the water consumption in a specific area, or in Electricity distribution where within the network department there is no real-time information for the power injected at a distribution line from a transformer with the measured consumption of the customers served by this line.

Our vision is the IT/OT Convergence, that brings all the benefits of IT technology to the edge and unifies the two worlds to optimize efficiency / or to achieve optimal efficiency in Energy and Utilities. The consolidation of all real-time sources to a single real-time data infrastructure is the first step. A platform that can collect real-time data from any asset like existing RTUs, Dataloggers, PLCs, SCADA, smart meters, future IoT devices into a time-series database, as well as manually entered data and forecasted data (like weather forecast), along with the relevant model is the basis to provide future-proof applications like event management and specific industry applications for Electricity, Water and Gas. The real advantage is the seamless connection with IT systems (CRM, ERP, CMMS, etc) as well as the use of Advanced Analytics to provide insights for strategic decision making.

Smart Metering

The extension of Internet connectivity into physical devices and everyday objects brought the Internet of Things (IoT). Existing and new sensors with embedded Internet connectivity became reality to evolving smart devices, and a new way of doing business came up.

One of the first smart applications for Utilities with direct economic impact is the Smart Metering, where near real-time consumption but also useful operational status information can be used to effectively perform billing and exploit operating functions utilizing the IT/OT Convergence.

Netcompany-Intrasoft provides solutions for Smart Metering for Electricity, Water and Gas collaborating with experienced worldwide vendors and providing system design, procurement of meters and concentrators, network design, Meter Data Collection and Meter Data Management platforms, industry specific operation tools, advance data analytics services, integration with Asset and Workflow management as well Utility’s CRM, ERP and other IT systems, field installation and maintenance, as well as System Operation providing its experience from Smart metering projects in Greece and Middle East.

Water Distribution Applications – Event Management – Leakage Detection

One of the strategic goals of Netcompany-Intrasoft is to provide industry specific applications for Water Distribution. Our company following IWA’s transformation journey for Digital Water, cooperates with experienced worldwide vendors to provide solutions for data integration layer, event management, detection of anomalies from normal (calculated or predicted) operating conditions such as leaks, bursts, hidden leaks, faulty assets such as meters and PRVs.

Wastewater monitoring and pollution detection

For Wastewater monitoring Netcompany-Intrasoft cooperating with the innovative Israeli Kando provides an advanced IoT end-to-end solution, the Clear Upstream, that creates continuous situational awareness of events in wastewater networks.

The system performs real-time data collection for pH, conductivity, ORP, temperature and volume, and when a suspicious event according to smart data analytics is monitored performs sample collection to confirm through chemical analysis. Field technicians are informed by the sampler event and the sample is delivered to the lab for analysis within a few hours. Smart data analytics perform continuously sensor data correction and change threshold limits for minimizing false events.

Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Protection

Netcompany-Intrasoft extensive experience in Information Security solutions and services is extending from IT to OT covering also Industrial Control Systems.

You can also go through Netcompany's govtech solutions in the Environment & Energy sector.