Required Documents

  • Invoice/Delivery Note, which must be sent first by e-mail and the originals with the goods or (if customs clearance required) by courier.
  • Packing List, indicating our order Nr, the total weight/crate number of shipment, which items/quantities are included in each crate, the weight and the dimensions of each crate. This must be sent first by fax and the original with shipping documents.
  • Shipping advise by e-mail indicating forwarder, mode of transportation, AWB Nr./CMR/Bill of Lading, weight, cartons, etc.
  • You must mention on your invoices or in a separate document the COUNTRY OF ORIGIN of your goods, according to EU Regulation No 1207/2001.

Notes and Conditions

  • This Purchase Order (“PO”) is valid only after your written formal acknowledgement, which must be sent within 4 days by fax or e-mail.
  • Netcompany-Intrasoft part & order numbers should be indicated on all your correspondence, invoices and delivery notes.
  • Please verify your P/Ns packing quantities and advise if you find any mismatch.
  • Product must be according to vendors’ P/N and technical documents.
  • Please specify bank transfer details on your invoices.
  • This PO’s price will bear the applicable VAT.
  • Netcompany-Intrasoft reserves the right to cancel partially or the entire PO, without any liability, in the event of failure to deliver at the time and place specified, or in case of delivery of defective / inadequate products.
  • No material can be received by Netcompany-Intrasoft without a corresponding PO.
  • On your invoices your VAT Nr. and the note “the above Goods are new and unused” should be indicated.
  • This PO is governed by Netcompany-Intrasoft’s Purchase Order Standard Terms and Conditions published in the company’s site (

You can download the Greek version here.