Over the past years, INTRASOFT International has invested on acquiring all the necessary software and tools that enable #IntrasoftPeople work in a seamless way, regardless of their location around the globe. Remote working is a well-known term in #IntrasoftPeople’s everyday life, through the use of Microsoft Office 365 and other useful tools.


INTRASOFT International is committed in securing both the well-being of its people, while at the same time providing business continuity to its clients. To that end and as circumstances surrounding the incidence of Coronavirus COVID-19 evolve and with an utmost sense of responsibility, remote working will be our vehicle over the next weeks.


intrasoft remote working


Through our brand-new Intranet portal, #IntrasoftPeople have the chance to be fully updated on the latest news regarding safety measures for Coronavirus protection. At the same time, the Intranet portal is updated on a daily basis with useful material on how to make the best out of remote working.

Over the past months, all decontamination actions have been increased, securing Health and Safety within our offices and premises.


This is business unusual, but we have adapted. We were ready and certified for continuous delivery regardless of the circumstances. And we are accomplishing this in the safest way possible for our people.