Easley is a secure generative AI solution that protects company and customer data while remaining independent of specific AI models.

Athens, November 30, 2023 – Netcompany is now offering a secure model-independent artificial intelligence solution for businesses and public institutions.

Named after NASA's pioneering computer scientist Anne Easley, Easley can assist users with tasks ranging from navigating complex corporate documentation, writing proposals and contracts, to generating and quality-assuring code.

In general, Easley empowers companies to embark on generative artificial intelligence across their entire organization, with a secure centralized solution that protects the customer’s data privacy. Easley can be used for many purposes, enhancing overall productivity and efficiency.

"It's essential that companies in the early stages of generative AI don't tie themselves to the algorithms of a specific AI language model, while ensuring they have control over their data and can document how they use them with AI. That's precisely the philosophy behind Easley," says André Rogaczewski, CEO of Netcompany, where the solution has been tested internally over the past few months.

Easley is a flexible Large Language Model (LLM) application that integrates with virtually all existing LLM on the market, such as GPT-4, LLama-2, and PaLM. The integration is done in a way that ensures raw data is not shared with third parties. These models can be combined with custom algorithms, and Easley's flexibility ensures that the most suitable model is used for any given task.

"At Netcompany, we use Easley with both GPT-4 and our own algorithms tailored to our needs. This enables employees to streamline the process of quality control for code and testing. However, as a company, we have full control over all data, so we won't lose anything by switching model providers in the future," says André Rogaczewski, CEO of Netcompany.

“As generative AI is bringing about a major disruption in many fields of our society, including high-tech and software development, I am extremely proud of the progress that Easley represents and its potential for change in the way our clients do business across the board” commented Alexandros Manos, Netcompany-Intrasoft Managing Director.

"We have had an overwhelming interest in sharing experiences using a tool like Easley as a safe and independent way to implement generative AI. We invite our partners and customers to take a look at Easley and to get started on this important journey,” says André Rogaczewski.

Read more about Easley here: https://netcompany.com/easley-ai/