Luxembourg, 15 March 2018 - INTRASOFT International, the global ICT company, has been selected to provide Bahrain’s Social Insurance Organisation (SIO) with an integrated solution covering the automation of its business operations with focus on Pension requirements, Contributions collections and Financials management.


INTRASOFT will be further responsible for the management and automation of all internal SIO business processes. The 24-month contract, signed earlier in March, is split into two periods, implementation and support & maintenance.


Once implemented, the INTRASOFT system will address the key SIO business objectives, which include among others integration under a single solution, standardization, e-governance, interoperability, and evolution management. More specifically different business areas like contributions collections, pensions and benefits management, debts collections, legal processes and financial operations will be centrally managed and core business and back office operations will be fully automated and standardized. In parallel, the web portal of the system will enhance the direct communication with insured persons and employers via value added e-services and mobile applications.


This is a very important win for the company, which is investing in the productization of its key services and expertise in the areas of e-customs, social security, health insurance, taxation and compliance. With a strong European presence, INTRASOFT’s Public Sector expansion into the Middle East, Africa and beyond is successfully executed across the board with significant wins in recent years.


Mr. Alexandros Manos, Managing Director of INTRASOFT International commented: “Our recent success in Bahrain enhances our leading global position in the field of integrated IT Products for Social Security. It is our first win of its kind in the Middle East and we intend to fully explore the potential that this important opportunity brings us in the coming years. Our unrivalled knowledge and experience in the Social Security domain is our best guarantee for future success.”


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