Luxembourg, January 12, 2022 - INTRASOFT International, part of Netcompany Group A/S, has been awarded the Single Digital Map project by the Technical Chamber of Greece (TCC), addressing the creation of a single integrated information system to collect and combine digital geospatial real estate information from a range of sources in the country. The contract falls under the umbrella of Greece’s 30.5bn euro Resilience and Reconstruction Fund (RRF), approved in mid-2021.

INTRASOFT and partner Deutsche Telecom subsidiary, OTE, will work together to produce a one-stop-shop digital reference point covering the ownership, construction and exploitation of real estate, in order to make it interoperable and available through a single web platform. This is a landmark project in the field of urban planning aimed at assisting government, citizens and the construction sector alike, and is expected to dramatically boost further development in the fields of tourism, real estate and housing.  The project also encompasses the creation of the National Register of Infrastructures, which underlies the Single Digital Map.

The task at hand constitutes a tech breakthrough as it will for the first time combine available geospatial information systems and databases, covering land ownership, forests, building development and urban planning, among others, to arrive at a single platform, dynamic in nature and accessible to all those that need it. Furthermore, the available functionalities will allow for updates and will present the user with the legal framework affecting specific areas and decisions.

Mr. Alexandros Manos, Managing Director of INTRASOFT International commented: "The TCC’s Single Digital Map project is of pivotal importance to the Greek economy as it will enable citizens, construction engineers and investors to access in depth, accurate and aligned-with-relevant-law documentation, so they can rapidly and safely plan and decide. For that reason, it has taken pride of place in Greece’s RRF program, and our team is extremely motivated to be at the forefront of Greece’s digital transformation journey. This win is of particular importance to us, as it is the first of the Greek Public sector to be awarded to INTRASOFT after joining Netcompany, and it will be leveraging expertise from all teams. As part of Netcompany, we are forging ahead with our mission to strengthen Europe, its governments, and its citizens through brand new digital solutions, fully utilizing the unprecedented capabilities created by the RRF."