Luxembourg, 17 May 2017 - INTRASOFT International, a global ICT company, actively continues supporting education and culture by bringing the Cycladic Culture closer to children living in remote Greek islands.

In cooperation with the Museum of Cycladic Art and the NGO “Aegean Team”, INTRASOFT’s representatives have visited Astypalea Island from May 15 until May 17 and donated the first Museum-kit to the schools of the island. Teachers were briefed on how they could effectively utilise the material contained in the Museum-kit and with the invaluable support of the museum instructors, who brought the museum world to life, they managed to deepen the children's experiential learning via interactive play.

Museum-kits were originally devised to cover the needs of schools in remote parts of Greece. They were designed with the aim of bringing the world of museums closer to pupils and their teachers. Each Museum-kit covers the subject of Cycladic culture and contains audio-visual and printed material as well as copies of representative works from the Museum’s Cycladic collection, such as marble vessels and figurines. The teacher may use the material in any way he/she considers best suited to the group and may encourage pupils to participate actively in the presentations. As a result of INTRASOFT’s donation, the primary school of Astypalea has now acquired its own Museum-kit.

INTRASOFT International’s donation falls under a broad Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) set of activities planned for 2017 and underlines INTRASOFT’s ongoing commitment to provide support to the local communities where it operates.

Mr. Alexandros Manos, Managing Director of INTRASOFT International commented: “We are proud to support the activities of the Museum of Cycladic Art and the Aegean Team with initiatives that foster education and culture. Starting from Astypalea, our objective is to offer a complementary learning and cultural experience to children in Greece and around the world”.


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