Because an Agile organization can react quickly to meet market demands and is nimble enough to respond to change effectively. Because our people want to reach their full potential. Because Agile provides 2-4 times faster time-to-market with new and changing customer requirements. Because we will become 20-30% more efficient by breaking down silos and taking out bureaucracy. Because Agile empowers employee engagement up to 90%.

What are the expected benefits for Netcompany-Intrasoft?

Applying Agile at Scale will:

  • Make it awesome for people
  • Build-in quality at early stages quality in the whole development and production/deployment process
  • Make us fail fast, but learn faster
  • Empower client engagement by delivering value often
  • Reinforce knowledge exchange across the company
  • Adapt to increased volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) of our world