Intrasoft’s team involvement in the Piraeus Bank project, one of the largest banking institutions in Greece, is the Campaign Management and Marketing module of Siebel.






12 months

Project details

For the purposes of this project our solution required the installation, configuration and support of the following Oracle products: Business Intelligence, Siebel and Informatica.

The Campaign Management module is used by the Bank to contact its customers by executing specific promotion actions and using particular channels (via e-mail, sms etc.).

The results of each campaign are evaluated and its impact to the consumers is taken into account.

  • A basic element in creating a campaign is providing a list which contains all the desired receivers of each message.
  • For the needs of the project, an infrastructure was built in order to depict the results with arithmetic data as well as with a graphic interface containing tables and charts.
  • It is indicative that the Bank database has 11.5 million records of possible receivers for each promoting action who are categorized and divided successfully by the criteria set by the Bank campaign management department.
The solution

Types of Services Provided:

  • Project Management
  • Requirements Specification and Documentation
  • Technical Architecture Definition i.e. hardware, system software and network capacity specification necessary for the operation of the Solution
  • Software Configuration & Customization
  • Design & Customization of Interfaces
  • Test Plan drafting and finalization
  • Test scenarios support for Customer’s preparation
  • Documentation
  • Integration Testing
  • Initial Software Installation
  • Support during Site Acceptance Test (SAT)
  • Training of Customer’s trainers
  • Support and Maintenance Services