The new OTE/COSMOTE Intranet Site main scope was to consolidate Cosmote’s “Mikrocosmos” and OTE’s “U-link” intranet sites to a unified and innovative Intranet portal that would provide added value to both OTE-COSMOTE employees and to the OTE group as a whole.






12 months

Project details

Through the introduction of the new Intranet Site, OTE achieved to:

  • Enhance collaboration & communication among employees across different departments and company groups. Collaboration is a key driver of overall performance and facilitates workforces to perform innovatively, faster and more productively.
  • Deliver an engaging and personalized environment that reflects employees’ business, role, location and interests
  • Offer a unified information channel
  • Offer ‘anywhere’ productivity by offering cross-platform, mobile-friendly, responsive interface. Mobility allowed employees to work efficiently across organizational boundaries
The solution

Types of Services Provided:

  • Project Management
  • Technical Architecture Definition i.e. hardware, system software and network capacity specification necessary for the operation of the Solution
  • Software customization
  • Test scenarios support for Customer’s preparation
  • Parameterization of the System to comply with OTE requirements
  • Documentation (Business Requirements, Installation, Users Manuals, Training Material)
  • Initial Software Installation
  • Support during Site Acceptance Test (SAT)
  • Training of Customer’s trainers
  • Training to IT Operations
  • Provision of onsite post implementation support
The results

A demonstration of an indicative architecture: