As part of its Framework contract with the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (OSHA), INTRASOFT International is handling all of OSHA's multimedia communication needs, from audio-visual content and interactive infographics to DVDs and content-rich 2D/3D animated presentations.




€ 400,000


47 Months

Project details

INTRASOFT International is involved in all aspects of the creative process and is entrusted with the full cycle of promotion of these products through online channels, including social media. An important aspect of the work involves the impact measurement of these actions and ways to improve the reach of OSHA across the EU.

For example, INTRASOFT International supported OSHA in its general communications approach and the implementation of the Healthy Workplaces Campaign (HWC). To this end, we developed a range of campaign materials, including infographics, animated GIFs, and a 1:30m motion graphic video, in multiple languages (EN, FR, DE, IT, ES, PT) and implemented a promotional strategy for these same materials, including marketing on social media and online advertisements on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Similarly, we developed an animated video on the subject of Psychosocial Risks and Stress.

The solution
  • Multimedia communication actions
  • Video concepts
  • Promotions through online channels
  • Analytics and impact measurement
  • Content and story-writing
  • Translation and subtitling
  • (Animated) Infographics
  • Mobile Application Design and Development.
The results

OSHA’s digital presence has been enhanced and supported through a series of communication activites ranging from analytics overview, to animated videos and targeted campaigns. We continue to effortlessly adapt OSHA's digital message across the EU and supporting our client's objectives in these challenging times.