INTRASOFT International has successfully implemented the new Social Security & Pension Administration System (SSPAS) of the National Social Security Fund of Kenya (NSSF). This project demonstrates once more the company’s strong know-how and accumulated experience in the implementation of large-scale Information Systems in the Social Insurance domain globally.

The Social Security & Pension Administration System is an Integrated Information system, which automates the organization’s processes, replacing manual processes with automated electronic ones. Thus, the new system supports NSSF’s strategic plan to offer high-quality Social Security services by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of these services. The same time optimizes the performance of the NSSF’s business processes regarding time and costs and serves as a valuable tool for decision-making.




USD 3,083,000




16 months

Project details

INTRASOFT International was selected through an international tender process by NSSF to implement this 3 million USD project. The project was successfully completed and went live at all NSSF branches in 16 months. Currently, the project is in the support and maintenance phase. The implementation included: s/w design, development, s/w customization, configuration, data migration, s/w installation, system integration, training and technical support services.

The solution endorsed a number of about 1.000 users with national coverage, all of them connected to the application via a standard browser. The project currently supports the operation of more than 100 District, Branch and Satellite Offices of NSSF.

The system integrates NSSF’s different business areas, providing also the corresponding electronic services through its web portal. Additionally, through the various web services it supports the on-line integration with other organizations such as Banks, the KRA (iTax) and other Registration Agencies. With SSPAS, NSSF Administration can monitor and control on line all performed transactions and check at any given time all daily operations, performance and productivity of NSSF officers.

The solution

The SSPAS Modules are the following:

  • Registry of Members (registration applications, amendments via permissions issuance, history of amendments, insurance cards, dependant’s registration etc.)
  • Registry of Employers (registration applications, amendments via permissions issuance, history of amendments, closing-re-opening of operations etc.)
  • Contributions Management (creation of obligations and contribution invoices, payment of employers’ financial obligations, clearance process, banking, employer’s ledger, member account, suspense clearance etc.)
  • Debts Management (late submissions and payments, arrears, bounced checks, debtors and defaulters administration, debts reductions, debts settlements etc.)
  • Compliance (work plan, audits execution and results, notification letters etc.)
  • Benefits and Pensions (workflow, legislation set up, initial and supplementary awards, alterations, payments, EFT, resumptions, reconciliations of payments etc.).
  • e-Collaboration Services (e-Services, web services, mobility)
  • Complaints Management
  • MIS/BI (embedded and automated statistical data warehouse supported by Oracle BI reports)
  • Financial Integration with ERP (GL Integration and cashbooks)

The web portal enhances the direct communication with members and employers via value added e-services, which improve the quality of the provided services and decrease the physical presence of employers and members at NSSF Branches.  The e-Services module of SSPAS supports:

  • e-certification (user Authorization)
  • e-Registration of Employers
  • e-Submission of Employers Contributions (Returns)
  • e-Payment Order
  • e-Converter from Payroll to new Returns Structure
  • e-Registration of Members
  • e-Statement of Members Account

The Mobile Application of SSPAS supports:

  • Mobile application for submission and payment of Returns from Employers
  • Mobile application for payment of contributions from voluntary Members
  • Mobile application for inquiry of Member Contributions Statement
The results

Some indicative improvement metrics reflected at NSSF’s operation with the use of SSPAS are the following:

  • Significant reduction of Suspense and unallocated payments: The suspense and unallocated payments have been reduced by 60%.
  • Increased efficiency in Benefits payments: The monthly Benefits payments handled have been increased by 35% and the turnaround time for benefits processing has been also improved (deducted by 20%) without increasing of personnel.
  • Increased efficiency in Registration: The newly registered members handled have been increased by 30% without increasing of personnel.
  • e-Collaboration services which did not exist before. Many thousands of employers are web certified and submit on-line the contributions - and growing.
  • Interoperability with other organizations (on line communication via web services) which was not existing before: on line integration with KRA, Huduma Organization, Banks, e-Citizen (on going).
  • Introduction of Mobility: Mobile applications for Members and Employers.
  • Seamless transition to new law (2014) within tight deadlines.