This is a Private-Public-Partnership project issued by the Greek “Information Society” (ΚτΠ), co-funded by the European Union, the Greek State, and the Private entity that is awarded to (“Rural Connect” in our case)

The projects' immediate goal is the installation and operation of necessary infrastructure for broadband internet access, in order to achieve digital convergence for the most disadvantaged rural areas of Greece with the rest of the country.






12 months

Project details

The envisioned benefit is the economic and social development and improvement the quality of life of residents in mountainous and island regions of the country. Broadband connectivity is expected to assist the creation of new businesses, and to contribute to the improvement of services, in areas such as health, education and tourism.

The consortium that Intrasoft International belongs to, was awarded the Design, Implementation (2 Years) and Operation (15 years) of the network covering 1/3 of the Greek territory (zone 2).

The solution
  • ~3000 km Fiber core network by wireless point to point links in remote areas over which an IP/MPLS is built supporting demanding quality of service applications (Retail & Business internet aces, VoIP, VOD etc.)
  • Outside plant Fiber to the Curb cabinets for providing VDSL access to ~40% of the population covered
  • Fixed wireless broadband access network based on 3,6 GHz TDD LTE solution
  • End to end Operational and Business support solution for a Wholesales Telecommunication Service provider including Customer Relationship Management and Asset Management application, Customer Portal, platform, ERP, HRM, Billing Network and quality management.