INTRASOFT International has developed and delivered a complete and integrated packaged solution that fully meets Centenary’s operational needs.

In the heart of the solution lies PROFITS® Integrated Core Banking System, a complete core banking system, owned and fully developed by Intrasoft. PROFITS® is a next generation banking system based on state-of-the-art technology. It is designed on a modular, scalable way so that it can be tailored to the specific needs of Centenary.




€ 6 million




25 months

Project details

The powerful Products Generation Engine of PROFITS® System provides the capability of fast creation of new products and services, which meet the ever changing needs of the market. Products can be promoted individually or as product packages. Furthermore, based on the exploitation of new technologies, PROFITS® Subsystems were enriched with architectural innovations enabling "reduced time-to-market" through the adaptation of the Business Rules Base Architecture. Such innovations enable PROFITS® to act as a Business Rules Engine which processes Business Rules defined by the Business People of the Bank thus enabling the Change of Business functionality without Coding.

The solution

PROFITS® provided Centenary Bank with the ability to:

  • Unify front-to-back office environment for headquarters, branches, dealers and electronic banking channels.
  • Ensure continuous real time transaction processing on a 24X7 basis.
  • Monitor customer activity originating from different channels while assessing customer profitability and overall financial position.
  • Maximise cross-selling and up-selling potential through personalised product offerings.
  • Reduce time to market for new products.
  • Change the features of the banking products using extensive business rules which eliminate the need for coding or interference with the vendors.
  • Exploit fully the capabilities of Internet/Mobile minimising the need for the physical presence of the customer to the branches.
  • Easy adaptation to new legal and regulatory rules or directives.
The results

Intrasoft designed and implemented for Centenary Bank a complete, fully integrated Banking solution which is the result of the company’s extensive experience and profound know-how of the international financial market requirements. The delivered Solution consisted of Intrasoft’s own products, as well as of carefully selected products of Major International Banking Providers. Intrasoft acting as the prime contractor and integrator provided a single contact point for the Bank for the full set of critical applications delivered, retaining sole responsibility for the provided solution, overall Project Management and after sales support and maintenance services.

Along with the software, Intrasoft International teaming with a local IT company also provided the full Hardware for the solution. With a state of the art architecture delivered, the customer now experiences full system high availability, security and easiness of maintenance and operations. The Disaster Recovery site using automated processes is ready at any time to take over the Bank’s operation, should a problem arise at the Primary site, ensuring the Bank’s smooth and seamless operation.