Did you know that employee shared content receives 8 times the engagement?

The success of any organization relies on the passion, commitment and efforts of its people. They will lead towards growth and tap into their true potential if they can work in a happy and productive workforce. But most importantly, they will tell the world about it, in the most powerful way. When employees take the role of your organizations ambassador, they are more invested, they feel motivated to exceed the scope of their work and most importantly, they will be motivated to tap into their talents.

Is your organization creating a culture that will retain true talent and ultimately lead them to act as advocates for your vision? Here’s what turns employees to powerful advocates.


Drive innovative thought

Create a workforce that allows employees to make decisions, seek solutions and then let them take charge. Let them know that they are trusted and respected for their individual talents and efforts. Supporting and recognizing their abilities will help them think out of the box and will give them the self confidence to work towards more innovative solutions.


Cultivate strong relationships

Nothing motivates people more than the acceptance and support of their co-workers. Create a supporting workforce that allows teams to work as one cohesive unit. Enhance team bonding by scheduling after-work meals and activities and celebrating life moments with them. When strong relationships are created, individualism is appreciated and respected, creating amazing bonds that produce innovative results.


Offer a broader purpose

Allow employees to express their individuality, encourage them to step outside their comfort zone. Involve them in organizational challenges and give them space to expand their creative thoughts in strategy matters. By developing new skills and discovering new opportunities, employees will feel driven to contribute more.


Motivate them

Help employees expand their horizons. Take notice of their unique skill and talents, provide continuous training and motivate them to accomplish more. By respecting and acknowledging their individual needs and supporting them to move forward, you are creating an inspirational workforce that is more engaging to them.

By including everyone and sharing ideas and beliefs you are creating a workforce experience that focuses on respect, encouragement, commitment and evolution.


Creating a culture that inspires employees towards advocacy is the backbone of any organizations success. Just ask #IntrasoftPeople, they’ll tell you all about it.

It all comes down to creating value together.