«I fear I am beyond your comprehension»

With Scrummy now long on her way to see the ring to its destruction, a lot of turbulence has been keeping the Enterprise up at night.

Some forces seem to be denying assistance to the fight, as they fear that the enemy is far too great and that the alliance of progressive (non-prescriptive forces) is held up loosely; in the face of danger they will all flee. The fellowship must go above and beyond to instill meaning into the fight while at the same time buy time and create distraction for Scrummy to incessantly carry on with her vital ultimate task!

The scrutiny with which project governing forces, once believed part of the progressive alliance, dealt with the agile transformation led to their gradual disengagement and final disapproval of the cause.


intrasoft agile scrummy


The second tower, a faction of the insightful leaders’ caste, pledged obedience to the one “Ring” and its master, and quickly set out to undermine and impede the fellowship. It’s army of expired beliefs joined forces with the one tower, where the eye of micromanagement and controllism burns day and night.

Nothing is lost!! The enemy is unaware of Scrummy and her venture to destroy the ring. Agile keeps burning bright and, in the background, shifting projects and turning lives.

We will prevail... and from the hearts of all agile expeditioners we will once again reach out to all our former brothers and leaders alike, that embraced the night and lost the true path’s sight.

Stay tuned!


Author: Lampros Lamprou.