A new era in Purchasing departments is required to strongly improve the revenue of their company by creating even more profits year by year, through the way of establishing better choices of the prequalified suppliers in a very preliminary stage of their possible cooperation.

As companies increasingly focus on their core competencies and outsource a greater percentage of work, their success becomes ever more dependent on the performance of their strategic suppliers.

Hence, in Netcompany- Intrasoft we firmly believe that our business growth is intimately related to strong working relationships with our strategic suppliers and the continuous improvement of their performance.

Taking this into serious consideration, since 2018 we have established a new strategic suppliers assessment process that is performed to evaluate and monitor their performance on a regular basis, using the KPI's results as a starting point for their performance improvement.

According to this process, all strategic suppliers across the company are selected with criteria on the importance and criticality of goods and services that they provide to our company and also on their participation in the implementation of strategic projects of our company which is evaluated annually always comparing their performance with their performance of the previous year.

The evaluation process is carried out by all Netcompany- Intrasoft procurement people also including the project managers of selected strategic projects that have been implemented by those partners. The evaluation results are communicated to their top management teams and also to the top management team of our company, paving the way for fruitful discussions, aiming to improve the fields of poor-medium performance as well as to highlight the strong points of our cooperation.

After the completion of the Strategic Supplier Assessment process, the top ten strategic vendors that have achieved the highest scoring, receive a memorial plaque as a reward for their performance and also for their successful cooperation with our company.

The above-mentioned process has been well received by our partners, appreciating our effort to reinforce our relationships, as well as highlighting their fields for further improvement through this evaluation process.


Author: Manos Kanakis