Agile promotes teamwork and empowers people. It is maybe the first time that a methodology sets defined agreements that focus entirely on how the team works, behaves and what they commit with a sense of responsibility.

The Definition of Done is one of the most essential elements of Agile that matters more that you think!

It expresses the ‘right way’, it is served as a checklist that asserts quality of the product, inherits sustainability and team confidence on what they are building and delivering. It gives a strong base on keeping delivering value early and fast. It proves transparency and common understanding of what a shippable increment looks like.

The Definition of Done belongs to the team, it is agreed by the team, but it is created collaboratively with the Product Owner. Don’t see it only as another process but as a great way to ‘buy in’ and as a team agreement that everyone can refer to.

The Definition of Done is a ‘living’ document that can be revisited and become better because the team believes on improving religiously!

It is written in plain language, it is simple, realistic, testable and measurable! Bring the Definition of Done in you Retrospective and use it a benchmark ‘tool’! It is simplistic and can set practices that are reflected in the MVP. Even a tiny addition/improvement/enhancement on what is ‘Done’ matters: e.g. Integration tested, security and performance tested, precise source code checkpoints, etc.

Remember that the Definition of Done in the projects/products at the end of the day reflect the standards of the whole organization. It is us who set those standards and it is us who, at the end of the day, will benefit. Dare to ‘boost’ your Definition of Done and you will be surprised on what you can achieve!


Author: Rania Alexiou.