The Tech world is at center stage right now and somehow, things have shifted creating new needs and bringing attention to areas that formerly belonged strictly under the marketeers’ lens. Engineers now realize that in this new reality of almost 2.500 daily app launches (across the two-star app stores), they need to get their voice heard and stand out from the crowd.


The same goes for marketeers, who are discovering a whole new turf with the explosion of marketing technologies. Within this new reality, tech meets marketing and a whole new creative playground is formed.


But has Marketing really changed all that much? The basis of it hasn’t changed, but it has definitely evolved. Engineers are more analytical in their way of thinking, they rely on data and focus on the architecture and the basis of a product, among the process of its development. It’s this analytical and data-based point of view that gives marketing a whole new perspective.

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There are 4 main Marketing areas that every Tech company should develop.

  1. Product Marketing: This is where needs are met. The big question will be what do our customers really want?”, how we build it?” and how we go about letting them know we have it?”.
  2. Marketing Communications: This is how you spread the message. The big question will be what sort of information and materials will our customers need in order to buy our products and engage with them?
  3. Brand Marketing: This is where all the feeling lies. The big question here is “how we want our customers to feel about our company and our products?”. “In which way we want them to engage with us?”.
  4. Customer Marketing: This is how you act towards your customers. The big question here is “how to give the best value to our customers, creating loyalty and maintaining strong engagement with them?”. A twofold objective of customer retention and acquisition.

Strategists, Digital Marketing Managers, SEO Specialists, UX Designers, Content Creators and Analysts are as crucial in tech companies as their engineering teams. What makes this new world even more exciting is the fact that, engineers and marketeers are starting to share their insights and different perspectives. It is this merge of ideas that ultimately creates a unique result.


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Author: Dionysios Gournas.