Being an Architect at INTRASOFT International has always been a challenging role, a profile with special capabilities, experience, a role that reveals respect. Architects have strong technical knowledge and skills and try to keep control, bring solutions and function as ‘orchestrators’.

Do you remember the Smurfs comic strip? Papa Smurf was the leader of the village, always energetic (despite his age ?), having an answer for everything, trying to develop empathy and support.

Well, we do have ‘Papa Smurfs’ at INTRASOFT International, people with a vision, always willing to transfer their precious knowledge to the development teams and not only!

In traditional enterprises, architects define the architecture of an IT system expecting from the development teams to code/implement and produce an output that conforms to the architectural decisions and patterns. The role of an Architect in an Agile ecosystem is more transparent and visible to ALL disciples that comprise an Agile team and not only to developers, as it used to.

Architects in Agile teams are the SMEs, who build bridges and spend time with all capabilities for pair programming and leverage the knowledge of the techies.

It is not that the role of an architect at INTRASOFT International differs in terms of goals and responsibilities, either working in a traditional project or in an Agile project. What is more obvious though in Agile is that architects are more engaged, they can promote the scalability and help the teams deliver faster and with quality. They can synthesize patterns and strategies such as:

  • Domain Driven Design
  • Test Driven Design and Development
  • Microservices and Containerization
  • Automation in releases and deployments
  • Continuous Integration
  • Acceleration of business solutions and de-risk business decisions


they give valuable directions to the teams and keep the balance between guiding and problem solving!

Conclusion: The role of an Architect was, is and will always be valuable in any project, no matter how it is executed. Architects at INTRASOFT International are not only supervisors… They are people who inspire, they are leading and make techies happy!


Author: Rania Alexiou