In this fast driven, digital world we are all used to this constant movement of words, expressions, concepts and techniques that appear out of the blue, stick with us for a while and then just disappear. We like to call them “flavor of the month terms”.

Is Employee engagement just another corporate buzzword? An HR mantra to keep employees happy? Definitely no.

Employee engagement means inspiring people to express their best side, to put in that extra effort, to feel like their work actually makes a difference. That they can make a change.

As technology progresses and automated solutions become a part of our everyday lives, organizations will need to focus on the collective wisdom of their teams. In order to tap into their employee’s talents and ideas, they need to create an environment that will nurture enthusiasm, commitment, accountability and alignment.

Employee engagement will directly affect key corporate performance areas such as productivity, customer service and turnover. That happens because engaged employees don’t just “go about their business” they do more than “their job”. They use their talents, drive innovation, help towards the expansion of the organisation and are the driving force behind any forward thinking actions.

There is a hidden gem, behind all the measured results of employee engagement. Retaining your top talent.

Recent studies have shown that 51% of employees are seeking for opportunities.

By keeping your employees happy and engaged in their daily work you are creating the ideal environment and retaining top talent. Need we say what that means for you business? A substantial decrease in money and hours spent for induction and training of new team members.

The benefits of creating a business culture that inspires, accepts and supports employees are far greater than we can imagine. In this new world of opportunities and unknown territories, it’s only through their passion, talent, curiosity and enthusiasm that your organisation can stand out and move forward.

So, employee engagement is far more than just another corporate buzzword, it’s redefining the way we perceive our business environment and the way we interact with each other and with our clients. It’s a way of getting everyone involved and active around one common vision.

We also believe that apart from the economic benefits employee engagement offers to your organisation, it is our obligation and responsibility to create a better experience for the people who spend most of their week hours in our company.  It’s our way of Creating Value Together with our employees. Don’t take our word for it, just ask #IntrasoftPeople, they can tell you all about it.