Starting from the very core of our products and services, coding is the cell of everything we do. It is the key to effectiveness in every technology aspect, from sending an email to implementing critical and large-scale projects. #IntrasoftPeople are passionate and coding enthusiasts, two elements that are drivers for successful and innovative outcomes. Being part of the “coding team” means facing challenges, creative and problem-solving thinking but it also means success and evolution. Exploiting this year’s CodeWeek event, which takes place between 10-25 October, we praise the work of our people.

CodeWeek is an annual European event, an initiative that aims to reinforce the learning of coding and the significance of it, strengthen creativity, problem solving and collaboration through online activities and resources that address to literally everyone worldwide.

Further to #CodeWeek and the celebration of coding being a crucial component of our everyday lives and the substance of our business, #IntrasoftPeople shared their passion, by confiding their favorite programming language as well as some interesting facts and tips.  Check them out:


Athanasia Rizou - Cloud Solutions Consultant at INTRASOFT International

“I really enjoy developing in JAVA because it perfectly illustrates the types of problem-solving skills that will be useful really to any language!”


Did you know?

The initial name of Java was “Oak”, but finally was renamed to JAVA, from Java coffee, the coffee from Indonesia.



Theodoros Zavos - Software Engineer at INTRASOFT International

“My favorite programming language is PHP, because it is simple, easy and the last few years, its evolution in terms of efficiency is on the rise!”


Did you know?

Facebook was written in PHP!



Christos Petropoulos - Senior Software Engineer at INTRASOFT International

“I like Java Spring Framework. Why? Unlike many other frameworks, which focus on only one area, Spring Framework provides a wide variety of features addressing the modern needs.”


Tip: Learn to use Stack Overflow in a good way. Don’t copy and paste a stack overflow solution, unless you understand it.



Dimitris Assimakopoulos - Technical Manager at INTRASOFT International

“.net Core is my favorite platform because it is a free and open source framework for developing cross-platform applications, that can be deployed to the cloud, IoT or run on-premises. It provides excellent support for utilizing asynchronous programming patterns, while simplifies containerization, scaling, and creating infrastructure for microservice architecture.”


Did you know?

.net core is approximately 5 times faster than NodeJS and twice as fast as Java!



Nelson Sandoval - Software Engineer | Full Stack Developer at INTRASOFT International

JavaScript is my favorite programming language because it is dynamic, I can use it in different forms: Functional, Object Oriented, reactive.”


Did you know?

Using JavaScript you can program in different fields: Web FrontEnd (React, Angular, Vue), Web Backend (Nodejs  runtime with frameworks like Express,  Nestjs, Nextjs, Angular universal, Vuex), Mobile (Ionic, React-native), IoT, Arduinos, Serverless Cloud Platforms, Blockchain.



George Strousopoulos - Team Leader at INTRASOFT International

“My favorite one is the Drupal CMS (

Drupal is an open-source CMS with framework abilities and it is based on the Symfony Framework (a leading PHP framework).

Drupal is the favorite CMS of European Commission and choice for some of the world’s leading technology companies (Cisco, Tesla, Verizon,etc).”


Did you know?

  • Our site is built on Drupal
  • Drupal Community has more than 1 million+ members
  • Drupal 9 was the easiest Drupal upgrade path in last 15 years



John Panoutsopoulos - Senior Full Stack Engineer at INTRASOFT International

My favourite language is JavaScript by far. JS is possibly the most versatile programming language there is and does not restrict the developer to use traditional patterns of software development, since the pace of enrichment of JS is by far the most impressive.”


Did you know?

Sometimes, one plus two is not always three with JavaScript. Open your browser's console and try .1 + .2 Surprise!



Katerina Malatara - Senior Software Engineer/Scrum Master (PSM I) at INTRASOFT International

C language is my favorite programming language, because it is the basic language of all advanced computer languages.”


Tip: Turn on warnings and don’t casually ignore them.



Andreas Papadopoulos - Senior Software Engineer Team Lead at INTRASOFT International

“I love TypeScript because it simplifies JavaScript code and it makes it easier to read and debug.”


Did you know?

“Short code does not always mean clear code. Keep it simple.”



Giannis Plegas

“My favourite programming language is C#


Did you know?

Using Property as IEnumerable doesn’t make it Read-only



Konstantinos Antonopoulos

“My favorite programming language is Java. The reason is because it has a simple syntax”


Tip: Before software is reusable, must be usable.



George Noulas

 “I love using Spring Boot. It’s a fast and reliable solution to start your API from the scratch.”


Tip: Don’t forget to protect the Actuator with the Spring Secure