You’ve heard about agile teams, you know what an agile environment is, and you are probably thinking this is just another explanatory blog post. Think again. Just like you’ll have to do with your agile team.

If you want to be efficient within your agile team, you need to rethink everything. The way you perceive work, the way you go about your daily business, the way you interact with stakeholders, clients even colleagues. Here are 6 ways to help you be more efficient in an agile team.


Create a small project team.

In order to be efficient you need to have a good flow of ideas and trust between team members.

Let everyone be heard.

Team members need to feel secure and trusted so they can contribute freely to the creative process and probably give that extra something, as well.

Use the right on-line tools.

They were created with you in mind. Check some of them out and see which works better with your team. Collaborative tools are lifesavers. Try Slack, Asana and we strongly recommend Dropbox.

Simplicity is key.

Don’t complicate your sprint. Try flip charts, they will help you navigate your thought.

User testing never stops.

Keep testing and testing and testing. Oh, did we mention testing? By using user testing throughout the process, you get amazing insights that help you create a better product.

Stakeholders are a part of your team.

Include stakeholders in meetings, let them meet the team, show them your working method. By making them a part of your team you are making them feel safer, they understand the process better and it will make sign off easier and quicker.


So, there you have it. 6 ways to make agile life easier and more efficient. Just ask #IntrasoftPeople, they’ve been working in an agile environment before agile was even a business term.