Luxembourg, March 9th, 2021 - INTRASOFT International, the global ICT company, following a comprehensive evaluation process, has been entrusted by the Tunisia Directorate General of Customs (DGD), to carry out the modernization of the Tunisian Customs information systems, under World Bank funding.

The new project will see INTRASOFT and partners utilize the INTRASOFT ERMIS™ product suite ( to meet the needs of the DGD, signaling a new era for the North African nation’s Customs & Trade Facilitation processes. The current legacy systems, used for over 20 years, will be replaced by a solution that is both technologically advanced and adopts the most recent international best practices in the field.

The new Customs system, using the INTRASOFT ERMIS™ platform as its foundation, will enable Tunisia to increase its attractiveness as a point of origin, destination, or transit for international commerce.  The project also underlines ERMIS’s capacity to address end-to-end Customs Modernization projects built around WCO/WTO (World Customs Organization/World Trade Organization) recommendations, practices and international information exchange guidelines.

INTRASOFT ERMIS™ product suite is built around a comprehensive Customs Workflow Management platform (CWM), enabling automated management of Customs declarations and flows, as well as the management and facilitation of all associated human tasks within the process. The CWM can guide, manage, process trade transactions and monitor compliance with legal requirements for goods that are placed under Customs procedures. This leads to an optimal balance between Customs control and accelerating trade, while also reducing administrative burden.

Mr. Alexandros Manos, Managing Director of INTRASOFT International commented: “Tunisia is a key player in the Maghreb and across Africa. We are confident that our INTRASOFT ERMIS™ product will not only meet the DGD’s requirements but will exceed them. Customs administrations around the world face increasing volumes of international trade, new business models, increasing fraud patterns and security threats. What is needed is more efficient supervision of cargo movement across end-to-end trade lanes, effective evaluation of risks across trade patterns and the creation of trusted networks. Designed and developed to address the complex requirements of national customs stakeholders, the INTRASOFT ERMIS™ product has been heralding a quiet revolution in the e-customs arena for years. We look forward to a close and fruitful collaboration with Tunisia’s DGD.”


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