How can we make data FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable) through an effective common information system that allows Β2Β data sharing and enables new or improved products, processes and services? Can this system take the form of a user-friendly, state-of the-art marketplace that is open to all providers and users of data to maximise the spill over of knowledge across all economic sectors?

The challenge is to create a marketplace based on standardised documentation of data, agreed ontologies and flexible to adapt to the emerging developments of Industry Commons. The envisioned platform should encourage sharing of data and population of the information system with an ontology-based documentation of distributed open and confidential databases. Also, it should facilitate and demonstrate collaboration by creating a collaborative space using existing generic data platforms that can operate based on the agreed ontology as well as extracting, analysing and re-using of the data with modern data processing technologies.

DOME 4.0 is an EU funded project that tries to address the above challenge operating on a budget of approximately EUR 4 million and runs for 4 years starting from December 1st, 2020. To achieve its aims, DOME 4.0 brings together partners from Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Norway, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Switzerland.

DOME 4.0 intends to offer an intelligent semantic industrial data ecosystem for knowledge creation across the entire materials to manufacturing value chains. The ecosystem provides a sustainable solution to the information silos problem related to the past efforts and puts forward a formal, ontology-based documentation for open and confidential data spaces applicable to future and current projects thereby delivering added value. Furthermore, the flexibility of the proposed semantic architecture of DOME 4.0 naturally adapts to the emerging Industry Commons developments and the scale-up of the ecosystem to large amounts of data, tools and services applicable to wider sectors of the European economy.

The unique offerings of DOME 4.0 are twofold. Primarily, to instigate wider market impact, stakeholder adoption and engagement, while aggregating a critical mass community in the DOME 4.0 ecosystem than the individual-encompassed showcases would ever achieve alone. In parallel, the DOME 4.0 exemplified, novel business models cross cutting the individual marketplaces, complemented with transparent and fair compensation schemes will augment the operations and effectiveness by adding value to the individual marketplaces, data repositories and platforms.

INTRASOFT’s RID department is responsible to create a connection between the DOME 4.0 project and the MARKET4.0 ecosystem (where INTRASOFT is the coordinator) via the development of required connectors to guarantee seamless data flow between the existing data platforms. INTRASOFT, with many years of experience in communication will also lead the dissemination activities and essentially contribute to the exploitation of the project.

The DOME 4.0 project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 953163.

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