Luxembourg, April 15, 2021 - INTRASOFT International, the global ICT company, proudly announces the digital transformation of its procurement department on a global level using ORACLE’s Procurement Cloud solution.


Mr. Manos Kanakis, Head of Group Procurement at INTRASOFT International commented: “Our objective as INTRASOFT’s Procurement department is to gain, and maintain, a competitive advantage while displaying the agility and speed required within our demanding environment. This will be achieved through our new partnership with ORACLE.”


The new advanced operating model leads to the rationalization and automation of INTRASOFT’s purchasing processes while freeing up significant resources within the procurement team. With the number of suppliers exceeding 2,000 and the increased transaction complexity related to all INTRASOFT Group companies and subsidiaries, it is no surprise that the solution sought by INTRASOFT had to meet its complex needs worldwide.


The state-of-the-art ORACLE cloud solution has paved the way for new collaborative platforms within and outside the company, real-time data collection, supplier evaluation fields, comparative analytics data and e-auctions. These tools enable procurement departments to accurately measure parameters and actively participate in interoperable teams (with suppliers and internal stakeholders) to develop solutions and collaboration methods based on actual data.


INTRASOFT, after thoroughly evaluating all existing technologies on offer, decided on the ORACLE solution as the most reliable according to its strict specifications. The innovation, security and adaptability of this system to internal-external users but also the flexibility of the interface in relation to the rest of the company systems, created the expected technological result.



Mr. Christos Kontellis, Enterprise Solutions General Manager at INTRASOFT International commented: "Our company is about to implement an extremely advanced SaaS solution for its in-house procurement department, and at the same time is ready to offer it to the market, in cooperation with ORACLE, triggering a digital revolution in this field. The capabilities of the cloud platform are broad and respond effectively to the core business need of consolidating centrally our clients’ procurement processes in all categories, while also connecting each pre-existing ERP system."



Mr. Panagiotis Pantazis, Sales Director of Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Malta commented:Having gained accumulated knowledge from the thousands of customers worldwide who use our business applications, we have developed and provided new, modern 2nd generation systems, industry-specific, mission-critical applications, which are offered as a service (Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Experience, Human Capital Management and Industry Solutions), helping our customers and partners simplify their IT infrastructure, reduce their costs and meet the digital challenge successfully. We are really proud that INTRASOFT International has chosen our solution for the modernization and digital transformation of its Procurement Department. It is an innovative project, expected to provide the Group with significant benefits.”


About INTRASOFT International:

INTRASOFT International was established in 1996 and is a leading European IT solutions and services group, offering integrated solutions, products and IT services of the highest quality to Institutions and Agencies of the European Union, National Government Organizations, Public Agencies, Financial Institutions, Telecommunication Organizations and Private Enterprises. The company employs more than 2,200 highly skilled professionals, representing over 50 different nationalities and mastering more than 30 languages. With headquarters in Luxembourg, INTRASOFT International operates through its operational branches, subsidiaries and offices in 13 countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Greece, Jordan, Kenya, Luxembourg, Romania, RSA, UK, UAE and USA) while its international activities extend to more than 70 countries worldwide.


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