“You can’t go wrong if you know how to code”

Our passion for coding is well-known; our will to create the next generation of IT professionals is among our top priorities. Staying loyal to our Recruitment and Employer Branding strategy and following the huge success the programme had in Athens, we are happy to announce Coding Hive’s sequel, that will take place in Patras, from November 16th to December 19th, 2019! The programme is aiming at supporting young talented developers and giving them the chance to stand out in one of the greatest IT companies worldwide.

In collaboration with kariera.gr, we are offering 25 free scholarships to young IT talents, in order to build knowledge, skills, gain hands-on experience and get the chance to work for INTRASOFT International, the leading European IT Company.  

Our highly skilled tech experts will share their know-how with the Coding Hivers through a cutting-edge, fast-track 5-week training. Coding Hivers will have the opportunity to be trained on Java/Maven, Spring/GIT, Java EE, Rest/Spring Boot, Persistence/RDBMS, JavaScript, React, SELENIUM/SOAP and UI/JMETER, through a series of interactive workshops.

It is among INTRASOFT International’s CSR pillars, to actively support local societies, in the countries in which it operates and contribute to the unemployment decrease. Being an active 'corporate citizen', INTRASOFT consistently supports CSR practices and initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of both its own community of employees and society.

Our experience from Athens’ Coding Hive has taught us that young talented people are the future of IT. Coding Hivers are now part of our growing family and have taken over and delivered a number of complex projects. We support Coding Hivers to set the goals high, to use unique skills, passion and energy and take action to build a challenging future career.

And remember that “It all started with a line of code”.