What is the Coding Hive?

Coding Hive is the first initiative in Greece designed by 2 leading IT companies; INTRASOFT International and Intralot which provide intensive programming training in cutting-edge technologies. It’s a joint effort aiming to develop new IT professionals, who are passionate about coding and willing to make a strong career.


What is Coding Hive aiming at?

Coding Hive has derived from INTRASOFT International’s and Intralot’s efforts to help new professionals, by giving them the opportunity to work in the IT market. It is a program that provides 25 scholarships for young people, who are passionate about Internet Technology and opens the door of direct entry to these two organizations.


What will the participants gain?

The participants will be provided with immediate and hands-on practice and knowledge, through the cooperation with high-skilled and experienced IT professionals. The participants will also have the opportunity to work in these companies.

Coding Hive is a 2-month intensive training focused on Java technologies, performed by experienced developers and software engineers that work in INTRASOFT International and Intralot. The training will give the participants to obtain theoretical and practical know-how on modern front-end and back-end technologies.

The program includes practice on coding technologies such as Java, Javascript, Angular and React among others.


How do INTRASOFT people describe coding?

“A means of expression”, “creativity”, “a place of thought”, “a unique passion”, “innovation”, “a continuous challenge”, “art”.

Through coding, one can acquire a new analytical way of thinking by focusing on the solution, not the problem. Participants will obtain the skills to see the bigger picture, while focusing on the important details.


What is it like to work at INTRASOFT International?

It is a working environment that provides continuous learning and high training with modern methods, rapid career growth, team spirit; and all of this combined with work-life balance, international multicultural teams and large-scale projects.


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