The 14th Annual Meeting for the International Network for Small and Medium Enterprises – INSME will take place in Brussels on the 17-18th of May 2018.

Dr. Raimund Bröchler, senior Research Manager of RID and Vice president of INSME will chair the session related to emerging technologies and new business models are reshaping organizations, industries and markets.

Despina Anastasopoulos, Research Innovation Manager form RID will participate in the collaboration session, in order to pitch for future collaboration within the framework of the Project INVITE, where INTRASOFT International is a project partner.


INVITE is set to significantly contribute towards nurturing a well-connected European Open Innovation (OI) ecosystem, where knowledge and ideas meaningfully flow across national boundaries and are successfully translated into marketable innovations that bring increased socio-economic benefits to European citizens. To this end, our underlying concept is simple: Co-design and deploy 3 interconnected pilots along with measures fostering OI and bottom-up collaborative innovation models in real operational environments aiming at:

  • better connecting EU innovation systems
  • enhancing the capacity of EU businesses to tap into the excellent knowledgebase of Europe and turn it into value and
  • increasing the participation of private funding actors in OI.


The International Network for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises-INSME is a legally recognized not-for-profit Association open to international membership.

Its mission is to stimulate transnational cooperation and public and private partnership in the field of innovation and technology transfer to SMEs.

INSME’s role is to create a link between entities coming from police making and intermediaries so as to enhance the level of support provided. In doing so, INSME acts as a hub, multiplier and disseminator of knowledge, a facilitator for alliances, a promoter of networking and a catalyzer to encourage North-South and South-South international cooperation and political dialogue.


Stay tuned!