PERICLES is the main source for meetings information in the European parliament providing data to more than other 20 European parliament applications.






36 Months

Project details

PERICLES - Parlement Europeen, Rooms, Interpretation and Conference Logistics Enhanced System was launched on September 2004. It was designed as the main administrative tool used by the European Parliament DG Interpretation personnel. The main areas covered by the applications are:

  • The organizations and management of all legislative and administrative meetings of the European parliament including the plenary sessions
  • The management of resources required to organise and run the above meetings
  • The interpretations, translation and technical resources and logistics required to support the above meetings.
The solution

Some facts about PERICLES series of applications

  • It is one of the largest applications in the European Parliament used by almost 2400 users
  • Before PERICLES, the administrative personnel of DG INTE required about 3.5 weeks of work to organise a plenary session in Strasbourg including finding and recruiting interpreters. Now it only takes 2.5 days!
  • About 90.000 Interpreters’ days in 8000 meetings are managed by PERICLES series of applications
  • About 400000 recruitment data for Interpreters are exchanged between PERICLES and European Commission and European Court of Justice
  • Main PERICLES module is also used by users at the European Commission, the European court of auditors and European court of Justice
The results

PERICLES series of applications are currently renewed in several areas using new web based technology. Many of the new modules are now made in such a way that it is possible to work on tablets and smart phones. This is especially important for interpreters who are considered a mobile workforce.

PERICLES series of applications are evolving and adapting on the changes of the business of the DG INTE and of the European parliament in general.