ASEAN is a political and economic organization of ten Southeast Asian countries, that having recognized the importance of Customs in trade facilitation, agreed to reinforce cooperation by harmonizing transport, trade and Customs regulations while ensuring sufficient administrative capacity to support the initiative. The expectation is to build an efficient, harmonized transit system in the ASEAN that integrates regional transport and Customs procedures.




€ 3 million




60 months

Project details

ACTS, a Customs Transit System for the ASEAN member states, is a project undertaken by Intrasoft Intl. that aims to assist ASEAN realize its objectives. ACTS purpose is twofold. Firstly, it develops a set of common specifications that harmonize regional Customs procedures across ASEAN member states (AMS). Secondly, it provides a reference implementation compliant to those specifications - realized as a fully functional computerized system - ready to be deployed and operate in the datacenter of each AMS. In the initial phase, ACTS will be rolled out in three AMSs, while integration of five more ASEAN countries is planned in a subsequent phase.

The solution
  • Harmonization and simplification of regional Customs procedures for transporting goods among ASEAN member states delivered as a set of Functional, Technical and System Security specifications.
  • Design and implementation of business applications compliant to the above specifications which are delivered to ASEAN members states as deployment-ready, reference implementations.
  • Design and implementation of a Gateway component that enables seamless information exchange among ASEAN member states over a lightweight protocol in a secure and reliable way.
  • Design, implementation and more importantly production operation of Central Services.
  • Added value services via special applications like:
    • Trader Portal which promotes electronic information exchange between Customs and Traders, hence accelerating customs processes and
    • Risk Management that assists Officers in taking informed decision for controlling movement of goods.
  • Implementation of automated test scenarios, along with test data as a special application that assess the compliance of business application implementations to Functional and Technical Specifications​
The results

ACTS builds upon Intrasoft Intl’s accumulated experience and long-term engagement in Customs. On the business side, Intrasoft provides high quality services with respect to Transit procedures that promote trade facilitation, however ensure effective Customs control as a measure to increase safety & security for goods moved among AMSs. On the technical side, a very robust solution is delivered, using a bleeding edge technology stack, that can scale up and out as new ASEAN members enter ACTS.