Why Agile?
Agile is a time boxed, iterative approach to software delivery that builds software incrementally from the start of the project, instead of trying to deliver it all at once near the end. Going Agile at scale will:
• Make it awesome for our people
• Build-in quality at early stages quality in the whole development and production/deployment process
• Make us fail fast, but learn faster
• Empower client engagement by delivering value
• Reinforce knowledge exchange across the company
• Adapt to increased volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) of our world

We have a great year planned. Our Agile transformation journey has just began; fasten and your seat belt and keep visiting this page throughout 2020, as we continuously update it with footage and information from our Agile actions!


Internal Agile Awareness Sessions

Spreading the Agile culture to INTRASOFT-International's people is one of our top priorities for 2020. Our Agile CoE (Center of Excellence) will be visiting all INTRASOFT-International offices in Luxembourg, Brussels, Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras from January until the end of February, in order to help employees embrace the Agile methodology.

Through a series of creative presentations and interactive workshops, our people will get to witness the benefits of working Agile, in terms of efficiency, ownership and accountability!

What about some throwback time to our 2018 - Year of Coding?