We have a great year planned - for the first time we will be launching INTRASOFT-International's Coding Academy, an institution which we hope will outlive 2018 and go on to acquire its own wings. The aim is to teach pre-teens the fundamentals of coding and introduce to the exciting potential that code holds for their future. 

Furthermore, we will be sponsoringsupporting and actively engaging with organizations that think like we do; NGOs, educational institutes, and schools dedicated to the spread of coding skills across society.

Please keep visiting this web page throughout 2018 as we continuously update with actions and initiatives.

First LEGO League 2018

We are very excited to actively support the First Lego League contest in Greece for 2017-8, a global event organized in Greece since 2013. Loyal to the 2018’s Year of Coding concept, we are more than happy to sponsor such an innovative idea, that helps young children embrace and develop the idea of STEM.

The first preliminary game took place in Xanthi, on January 21st. 22 teams competed on fascinating robot games and their core values. Furthermore, they have presented their pioneering projects regarding water.

Phase 2 of the First LEGO League was held in Heraklion Crete, were 12 teams had the chance to compete each other in the amazing facilities of CretAquarium. Next stops: VolosThessaloniki and Athens! The qualified teams will meet up at Thessaloniki for the Finals. Stay tuned!

Phase 3 of the First LEGO League took place in Volos and Thessaloniki, on the 9th and 10th of February. 9 teams in Volos and 65 teams in Thessaloniki participated, having developed brilliant projects. Next and final qualifying stop: Athens!

The qualifying games are over! Athens held a marvellous contest among 37 teams, 14 of which will be in Thessaloniki, on the 3rd and 4th of March for the First LEGO League's finals. Good luck to all of you, we are so proud!

The First LEGO League finals took place on the weekend of March 3-4, in Thessaloniki. Vellideio Conference Hall hosted all 53 participating teams, along with thousands of people who supported the contest.

INTRASOFT-International was there from day 1, the first qualifying game in Xanthi until the finals in Thessaloniki. We couldn't feel more happy and proud for the children that took place. The contest was a mix of numerous interesting projects, breathtaking robot games, enthusiasm and positive energy. The future of science and thought-leaders is here and we are feeling very optimistic!

Google Hub Organizers for Hash Code 2018

We are extremely happy to be selected as Hub Organizers for Google’s Hash Code 2018! The event will take place on March 1st, at INTRASOFT-International's offices in Thessaloniki, Agiou Georgiou 5 Cosmos Offices (2nd floor).

Hash Code 2018 is a team programming competition organized by Google. The participants pick their team and their favorite programming language. Following that, Google picks an engineering problem for each team to solve.

Thessaloniki’s competition will start at 6pm and is expected to be completed by 10pm. Stay tuned for more information and footage!

Google’s Hash Code was successfully held in Thessaloniki on the first day of March, at INTRASOFT-International's offices. INTRASOFT-International team’s mission was to route vehicles with a specific way, from a starting point towards a specific destination.

The vehicles had to be routed based on specific coordinates and any unnecessary routes led to negative points within the total score. The Arquillian Devils have had a great time and have won the 62nd place in Greece.

VOXXED Days Athens 2018

We are really proud to have sponsored VOXXED Days Athens 2018 as Gold Sponsors! VOXXED Days is an amazing IT event with speakers and attendees from all over the globe! The event took place at the DAIS Cultural and Athletic Center, in Athens, Greece.

It was 2 days full of outstanding speeches and interesting discussions during the breaks. Among the speakers were John PapaVenkat SubramaniamTed NewardPhil EstesDr. Heinz Kabutz and many others.

Congratulations to all the organizers, volunteers and attendees for such a great event. Next stop? VOXXED Days Luxembourg, on June 22nd!

DEVit Conference 2018

June was full of exciting IT events. On June 10 & 11 we have attended DEVit Conference 2018 in Thessaloniki as Gold Sponsors.

DEVit Conference is a leading web developer conference, organized once per year. It has become known for its top speaking talent, a mixture of world-class and world-renowned developers, highly specialized technology niches and developers who are on the edge of technology frontiers.

Apart from the challenging workshops, the event's agenda was full of great speeches. Among the speakers were Cheryl PlatzDavePlattPawel DudekLauren Robinson and many others.

VOXXED Days Belgium

June was a DEVOXX month for INTRASOFT-International! After a great event in Athens, we have attended VOXXED Days Luxembourg as Bronze sponsors.

The event took place at the Neumünster Abbey and we had an amazing time, thanks to the very interesting and ground-breaking speeches!

Next stop? DEVOXX Belgium on November!

Angular Athens meet-ups

Angular is one of the most popular front-end frameworks, with a massive, active community on a global scale. Angular Athens is a strong community that organizes meetups on a regular basis.

We have started supporting and sponsoring Angular Athens’ meetups on July and we are really happy to see the community rise! Each event’s numbers of attendees exceed the previous one.

Our very own Giannis Smirnios and George Sisko are among the key-note speakers! Looking forward to Angular Athens’ 4th meetup, on December 11th!!

How about a little throwback time on our 2017 Year of Innovation?